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Meet Energy Shift – Techstars Paris Sustainability Accelerator

Filip Koprčina (CEO) 01. Describe the problem/industry you are trying to intervene on (and be specific about the UN SDGs you are solving). Did you know that the energy sector (Eurostat and the European environmental agency) is responsible for 78% of greenhouse gas emissions? So it’s the biggest area where we can make a huge

Meet Trilleco – Techstars Paris Sustainability Accelerator

Miriam Janke, Co-Founder Hans Günter Dahn, Co-Founder 01. Describe the problem/industry you want to intervene on. Most of the big companies in Europe are struggling with the upcoming climate and CO2 regulations. From 2023 onwards, thousands of companies will have to provide and report their energy consumption and carbon footprint in accordance with the Corporate

Connecting Treatment-Resistant Depression Patients to New Options in Days, Not Years

Written by Morgan Hewett, CEO and Co-Founder of Options MD. Treatment-resistant depression (TRD) is probably the biggest blank space in mental health care today, affecting a number of people 5.5 million adults in the US Among the 16 million Americans diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder each year, treatment-resistant cases account for more than 56% of

Meet Nyungu Afrika – Techstars Paris Sustainability Accelerator

Mary Nyaruai, Founder, and Stella Maina, Head of Operations 01. Describe the problem/industry you want to intervene on. New Africa was born out of two great needs. Firstly, to bridge the period poverty gap in Kenya and secondly, to provide access to safe and environmentally friendly period products. According to USAID, 65% of women and

Meet canB – Techstars Paris Sustainability Accelerator

Frederic Schrapp (co-founder & CEO), Antoine Lefebvre (CTO), and Vincent Bustarret (CMO) 01. Describe the problem/industry you want to intervene on. Although the big French banking groups are responsible for emitting 3.3 billion tons of CO2 from 2021 (ie eight times France’s emissions), changing the world through finance has become a firm conviction, because the

Meet Raz Finance – Techstars Paris Sustainability Accelerator

Raphael Bitterman, Co-Founder 01. Describe the problem/industry you want to intervene on. There is a disconnect between ESG data and economic and business realities due to ESG data collection being skewed towards profit-driven capital markets and a lack of authentication of the data being collected. Raz Finance aims to fill this gap. The exact UNSDGs


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