why should I submit my startup concept to Techstars Studio?

techstars Studio is the perfect solution when you don’t have the team, bandwidth, budget, or desire to launch a startup concept yourself. Techstars Studio allows you to leverage the world’s best and most successful network of entrepreneurs to attract talent (CEO, CTO, etc) to your new concept. We’ll help you refine the idea, then provide you with a detailed proposal including a built in founding team, proposed equity ownership, a timeline for build and launch, and requirements for additional funding (if any – there often isn’t any such requirement). It’s always up to you whether or not to accept that proposal. If you do accept the proposal, you’ll of course retain significant ownership in the new company. And best of all, there are no per project fees . This service is provided at no additional cost to our network of partners.

In short, Techstars Studio can massively accelerate your ability to turn a raw startup concept into reality while enhancing the outcome. You retain all IP and ownership while we bring you talent and a concrete proposal to create, build, and launch your new startup.

How are my idea and IP protected?

Techstars Studio helps you selectively engage top entrepreneurial talent across the Techstars worldwide network. You’re always in control as the originator of the concept. You decide which of our tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, mentors, and community leaders can engage with your concept. Before they can engage, rights are clearly and cleanly managed on your behalf through a series of legally binding agreements.

What if I don’t have ideas, but only a general area of interest?

You can still engage Techstars Studio. Our network of entrepreneurs and Founders in Residence will brainstorm new startup concepts on your behalf during a three month managed engagement. You can choose which ideas, if any, that you want to progress.

what does it cost to leverage techstars Studio?

This is a #GiveFirst activity. There’s no additional charge for our worldwide network of entrepreneurs , mentors, and community leaders. For our existing corporate, government, and university partners, Techstars Studio services are also delivered at no additional charge.

Once a proposal is accepted, does Techstars actually build the startup by doing the design and engineering work in-house?

No. First, we add value by uniting your ideas with amazing entrepreneurial talent. We then leverage our global network of partner venture studios and software development shops to select a vendor who will actually do the engineering on behalf of Techstars Studio, in concert with the founding team and the concept originator. That’s right – we handle all of the hard stuff for you!

Where are the techstars Studio partners located? Where will the software physically be built?

One of the benefits of working with Techstars Studio is that we have virtually unlimited build capability in most geographies globally. These include (but aren’t limited to) locations such as New York City, San Francisco, London, Singapore, Indianapolis, Seattle, and Paris. We are adding new locations regularly. We’ll work with you to select the right engineering location for your new concept.

What are the advantages of Techstars Studio over using a traditional venture studio or building my startup myself?

Convenience, speed to market, unlimited capacity to build, and an enormous proven entrepreneurial talent network. Submit your concept and sit back while amazing talent attaches to it, improves the concept, and provides you with a turnkey solution to build and launch the concept as a new startup in which you are a shareholder. Best of all, once you engage with Techstars Studio, you’re under no obligation to accept that proposal. Think of it as pure #givefirst from Techstars for our network and our partners.

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