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It takes two flints to make a fire

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The Techstars worldwide network helps entrepreneurs succeed.

Techstars is a global network that provides assistance to entrepreneurs to help them achieve success. The organization was established in 2006 with three fundamental ideas – that entrepreneurs have the power to create a better future for all, that innovation is driven by collaboration, and that great ideas can emerge from any corner of the world.

Presently, Techstars is dedicated to enabling every individual on the planet to contribute to and benefit from the success of entrepreneurs.

Techstars has invested in over 2,200 companies to date, which are presently valued at a combined market cap of $29 billion.


We facilitate connections between startups, investors, corporations and cities to establish thriving startup communities.


We manage acceleration programs and venture capital funds.

About Us
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Our purpose

To help entrepreneurs create a better future for everyone.


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The Techstars worldwide network helps entrepreneurs succeed.



To enable every person on the planet to contribute to, and benefit from, the success of entrepreneurs.

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The latest Techstars logo draws inspiration from the early computer terminals’ command line. It features a single typographic wordmark: our name, followed by an underscore (resembling “the line”). The new logo is similar to the command line, which serves as a text interface for computers, but in this case, it acts as a text interface for our brand.

The line extends forward, symbolically connecting us with partners, cities, industries, and programs. It’s a simple, bold statement of Techstars’ identity, our universal signature that we use across all touchpoints.

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