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Techstars Anywhere

Techstars Anywhere Accelerator

Techstars Anywhere is a (mostly) virtual Techstars accelerator--no relocation necessary. Through the power of the Techstars network and the use of technology we bring Techstars to the founders #Anywhere.

Founders follow the proven Techstars approach to accelerate their business & #domorefaster. The investment we make in each company in capital, time & network is exactly the same as every other Techstars accelerator.

The program is best for companies in US Pacific and Eastern timezones.

Applications Open Jul 22, 2019
Application Deadline Oct 13, 2019
Start of the Program Jan 27, 2020
Demo Day May 5, 2020

Location: Anywhere,

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  • What is Techstars Anywhere?

    Techstars Anywhere is a (mostly) virtual accelerator. It follows the same proven approach as all of Techstars accelerators, but doesn’t require founders to relocate. It’s designed for exceptional founders who have a business or personal constraint that would prevent them from relocating to a new city for an accelerator program.

  • Can I really attend from anywhere?

    Yes, you can really attend from anywhere. However, the program runs on the Mountain time zone in the US, so we expect you to be able to make the most of it if your company is located somewhere in the Western Hemisphere in order to get the most out of the program.

  • Is Techstars Anywhere a less intense version of Techstars?

    No. It’s still intense #domorefaster. It’s just virtual!

  • Does the whole thing take place online?

    The majority of the program happens online. We leverage video conferencing technology, Slack and other tools to help you meet with mentors, build peer relationships, and learn the skills the best founders need to run their business. Each day is different, but you should expect to have mentor meetings, workshops, investor sessions, guest speakers, peer meetups, and sessions with your MD and Program Director throughout the program.

  • Isn’t that missing a big part of the Techstars experience?

    No question that being in one physical place is a big part of a traditional Techstars experience. But so is building your network, launching product, finding product market fit, and raising capital. Techstars Anywhere is a different kind of experience designed to accelerate your company just the same. The flexibility that the program allows will help you stay focused and get a lot of work done.

  • Will I still get to know the other founders in the class?

    Yes! Founders will meet in person three times during the program. Additionally, there are group meetings and regular events online where founders will form deep relationships with each other. The peer relationships you form at Techstars are a key part of the experience and that’s no different for Techstars Anywhere.

  • Tell me about the travel.

    Three times during the program, we’ll travel as a group to different Techstars accelerator program cities to meet with local alumni, mentors, and investors and hang out and get to know each other. While traveling, we’ll have dinners and events designed to introduce you to great people connected to the Techstars network and time set aside to get to know key people in the local ecosystems better.

  • Does Techstars pay for travel expenses for the program?

    No. Founders typically allocate part of the investment dollars Techstars provides to offset the costs associated with program travel. Founders should budget for three trips including airfare, lodging and food. You should look at the travel as a business expense.

  • Is the travel required?

    You get out of the program what you put into it and our goal is to create as much value for your company as we can. If you can’t travel, it’ll be hard to get the full value of Techstars and this will be something that we’ll consider during our selection process.

  • Who are the Techstars Anywhere mentors?

    With no geographical boundaries, Techstars Anywhere leverages the Techstars global network to bring the right mentors to each company regardless of where they’re geographically located. Your mentors are Techstars staff, investors, founders, Techstars alumni, and all around smart people from all kinds of industries and locations who are there to help you. Additionally, during the program, we’ll help you identify and connect with mentors who have been there and done that, even if they’re not on the official mentor roster.

  • Is there a Demo Day?

    Not like you’re thinking. Our demo day is online and targeted at investors. The Techstars Anywhere Virtual Demo Day creates a point in time that the program coalesces around. You’ll work on your pitch, build your investor pipeline, develop your investor docs, and we’ll be there to help expose you to the right people you need to talk to to advance your business.

  • Where does fundraising for Techstars Anywhere companies take place?

    Early stage companies tend to raise money close to home largely because investors like to invest in founders they can meet up with without having to travel.* For Techstars Anywhere, we’ll help you identify and connect with relevant investors for your geography and your industry, wherever you happen to be. *There are always exceptions.

  • Is the Techstars Anywhere investment the same as other Techstars accelerator programs?

    It’s identical. Same investment, same equity, even the same Equity Back Guarantee.

  • I’m interested in Techstars Anywhere and another Techstars program, which one should I apply to?

    You can apply to both! But make sure to do your homework on each program and ask lots of questions. Our goal is to help founders make the best decision for themselves and for their startup.

  • How much traveling does Techstars Anywhere require?

    Founders are required to participate in three in person events as part of the 13 weeks of the program. Techstars Anywhere events will take place in different cities in the US and will take about 3 to 5 business days.

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  • Twilio SendGrid
  • AWS
  • Cooley
  • Google for Startups
  • Microsoft
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