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Techstars partners build lasting relationships with our worldwide network of entrepreneurs to help fuel business growth and achieve innovation goals.

Partnership Opportunities

  • Corporate Accelerators

    Embrace disruption by launching a corporate accelerator program focused your industry.

    Help select 10 top startups focused on your industry

    Mentorship provided from experienced executives, founders, and investors

    Gain access the largest worldwide network of entrepreneurs

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  • Techstars Network Engagement Program

    Engage with the world’s most promising startups to future-proof your business.

    Develop a strategic plan to work with startups

    Engage with top startups in your industry

    Explore Proof of Concept (POC), investment, or M&A opportunities

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  • Network Sponsorships

    Build lasting relationships with entrepreneurs through sponsorship of Techstars events and Accelerator programs.

    Drive brand awareness across the Techstars network

    Provide educational content and mentorship to Techstars programs

    Gain access to local, regional or global events

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  • Techstars Innovation Bootcamp

    Empower employees and fuel cultural transformation via a 3-day workshop focused on internal innovation.

    Engage employees to drive innovation from within

    Rapidly advance internal business ideas

    Work with mentors from across the Techstars network

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