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Supercharge Growth by Accelerating Innovation and Cultural Transformation

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Learn how to future-proof your business from disruption through connection with the most promising startups in your field. The Techstars #givefirst culture, worldwide network and two-way mentorship is what sets this accelerator apart from other programs.

Accelerate Innovation

As a Techstars Corporate Innovation partner, you will work with the world’s most talented entrepreneurs to drive change in your industry. Join us as a sole partner or as part of a consortium with other top innovative brands.

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Partnership Benefits

  • Accelerate business growth strategy through corporate innovation and new ideas.
  • Transform your company culture by injecting new ways of thinking around innovation, cost reduction and rapid product development.
  • Embrace disruption by mentoring and collaborating with the most talented entrepreneurs in your industry.
  • Join the Techstars worldwide network of 10,000+ mentors, founders, community leaders and investors
  • How it Works

    Program Outline

    Our Corporate Innovation partnerships grow into long-term relationships that revolve around our three month accelerator program.

    Let’s tell the world we’re working together to fuel business growth and achieve your strategic innovation objectives. As we launch an accelerator in your industry, we will work together to drive an internal culture of innovation.
    Led by a dedicated Techstars Managing Director, Program Manager and Partnership Manager, we will collaborate on the company selection process to choose the most innovative companies in your industry.
    After company selection, it’s time to announce the class and kick off the program! The three month deep dive begins as you watch the cultural transformation spread like wildfire throughout your business.
    Now, the real work begins. During the program, your corporate mentors dig in with founders to solve the biggest problems facing your industry. This relationship becomes a two way street where startups learn from the big brands and even the most experienced corporate veteran sees the value of doing more faster.
    The program culminates with a celebration at Demo Day. This is where the companies get their moment in the spotlight to show investors what they’ve accomplished in three short months.
    While the program itself may be over, our partnership grows in the off season through new opportunities to engage with the Techstars network through M&A, investment or ongoing mentorship.

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