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I am interested, BUT … I have a couple of questions..

(Even Donald Trump is not fully sure whether to go or not)

So let’s dive in.

… BUT I don’t have an idea

That’s okay. You will not be forced to come up with something. Others will have ideas and you can join anyone based on your own preferences.

… BUT I don’t have a team

Don’t worry. As we said before, you can join any idea-team you want to. Just keep in mind it is good to have a multidisciplinary team so you can divide the work and create something in the course of the weekend.

… BUT I don’t have a place to sleep

Let us know, we should be able to accommodate you at a beautiful squat. Well, it’s not an ordinary squat, it’s a techsquat where the organizers live. Most probably we won’t be able to offer you a bed but we will have enough sleeping bags and pads.

… BUT I don’t want to hack during a night

This is up to you and your team. But remember, we will kick you out of the Opero on Friday and Saturday by midnight.

… BUT what are the criteria to win

Validation of your idea, and we will help you with that. Also, the viability of the business is important. That means the business model and a strategy to get first customers. Last but not least, the level of your prototype/product will be evaluated so make sure you have a developer or designer in team 🙂

… BUT what I can win

Endless fame and glory! And apart from that, we have some books, kiwi coupons, spots in Opero for winning teams and some surprises. Also, free tickets to some amazing events!

… BUT am I good enough

If you are willing to exchange 20-40EUR and your weekend for learning new things and trying your best to build something then you are the right person to attend no matter what skills you have.

… BUT my English isn’t perfect

That’s even better because you will get the chance to practice. We don’t expect expert English speakers. We expect people who want to learn things.

… BUT it costs too much

You should know it’s a non-profit and we have to pay the bills for catering, venue, etc. But if the money is a problem let us know, we will help you out.


So we hope it helped you and here is the video from the last event we organized. Yes! It’s gonna be fun so grab your tickets –> http://bit.ly/swprague

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