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Staying productive isn’t just a discipline, it requires motivation and organization as well. Fortunately, productivity hacking has entered a new era with apps, cloud services and automation abilities that weren’t available just a generation ago.

Here are a few ways to help fit in more hours to your day and help your business grow:

Get A Project Management Software

Email may not be as quick and efficient as you think — A study on London power company, International Power, found that the executive team spent 1.5 hours a day sending out roughly 56 emails, reports Fast Company. That’s nearly eight hours a week lost in productivity. Although you may not be able to eliminate email completely from your business, there are ways to drastically reduce it.

Invest in project management software or cloud-based services to slash the time spent on status reports, weekly meetings and back and forth emails to sort out your next big project. Services like Asana can help assign projects to team members, instantly send updates, check off completed tasks, make suggestions and communicate without the need for a flurry of emails.

Try Cloud Accounting

According to data collected by Score.org, 40 percent of small business owners spend over 80 hours a year on tax and financial preparations. Another 47 percent dislike the financial cost of bookkeeping, and 13 percent complain about the administrative headaches and time involved. Simplify your online accounting by moving it to a cloud service, such as Sage One. This service offers simple accounting procedures, easy invoicing, integration with your bank and quote and estimate generation for your clients.

Automate What You Can

It’s easy to get caught up in the daily minutiae of running a business. But many mundane and complex tasks alike can be automated with a little help. Set up automatic bill payments, and designate that email alerts be sent to your office manager. Schedule out your social media updates months in advance with online services, and automatically back up your entire computer on the cloud. And, set up standing office supply orders to automatically arrive at the same time every month.


Benjamin Campbell