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SWJB_What can you do in 54 hours

Have you ever wonder how your typical weekend can be more exciting? What can you do in 54 hours? Is it possible to create a startup just over the weekend within 54 hours? YES! It all happens in Startup Weekend Johor Bahru.

Startup Weekend is a 54 hours event designed to provide hands-on experience where entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs find out if their startup ideas are viable. The event kick starts on Friday evening, where ideas are being pithed in 1 minute format, teams get formed and brain storming starts. The teams will not focus on customer development, idea validation, but also applying lean startup methodology, business model canvas and building a minimum viable product (MVP) throughout the weekend. Finally on Sunday evening, each team will present and demonstrate their MVP in 5 minutes, followed by Q&A sessions, receiving valuable feedback from the panel of judges.

Being forced under extreme tight datelines, you have no time to waste. You need to hustle and get the best hacker and hipster available as your team members. You’re gonna only have time for what’s truly necessary in the MVP. Test yourself of sleep deprivation, get grilled by some of the toughest industry experts and squeeze your creativity juice till the max to come out with that scalable business model. Remember, there’s not time to talk, its all about action !

And now you might start to wonder, what do I get out of the weekend? A real company? Am I going to be an expert in running a startup? No, hell no!

  • We are going to make you fail ! Fail faster enough to realise what’s not going to work so that you can pivot fast. So you will learn to accept failures.
  • We will to take you out of your comfort zone ! Meet new people. Learn new skills. Who knows, someone might be your co-founder?
  • We are going to get you into the community ! There’s no better person who understands you unless he is going through the same journey. Your entrepreneurial journey will not be lonely. There’s a group of people who’ve been there, be there, willing to share their experience with you.

Finally, you’ll have lots of fun over the weekend. Business shouldn’t be so serious isn’t it? We are going to have a good time laughing, cracking jokes, taking selfies, eating & drinking together.

What else can you ask for? 54 hours, ONE weekend. It’s short, yet fruitful and memorable when you look back, think of it someday in future. Startup Weekend make your best weekend for life.

Join us at Startup Weekend Johor Bahru, 14th to 16th November 2014 at Menara MSC Cyberport, JB.

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Feng Lim