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John Campbell described the typical narrational or mythical hero’s journey as a path through and beyond several stages. You are the hero of your own life, and the Startup Weekend is a part of your journey to a better version of yourself. This is the first part of a small blog post trilogy about your hero’s journey to the Startup Weekend – and back!

The call to adventure

Have you seen the advertising? Did somebody give you a flyer? Congratulations – you have met the herold. Each hero’s journey starts with the initial call. Gandalf visits Bilbo. R2D2 replays the video message. Harry Potter is asked to come to Hogwarts.  We want you at the Startup Weekend.

Refusal of the call

There are so many reasons not to follow the call. We have so many things to do. It might be embarrassing, or too loud, maybe not worth it. There might be dragons. Hesitation is normal. The hero overcomes his own comfort, cowardice, reservations and dares to take the challenge. Do you dare, too?

Supernatural aid

The hero needs help on his or her journey. Mulan is accompanied by a small dragon, Daenerys Targaryen by larger dragons, Harry Potter receives his magic wand. Startup Weekend participants receive guidance and mentorship, useful tools and the almost magical support by a global community of heroes and guides. Learn how to use the Business Canvas to your unfair advantage.

Crossing the threshold

Now that the hero has left the safety of his home, they discover that there is no turning back. You are there at the Startup Weekend. The first challenge is the pitch of ideas. What will people think? Will there be followers? Or, are you looking for a great idea to follow? A team to join? Once you have entered the stage, your idea is out there – you can not un-present it.

Belly of the whale

And now it is done. The hero is in the midst of danger and peril. Will you find a team? Will you be the right match for an idea? This is the first real trial of the hero. In order to master the challenge, they need to transform themselves. Can you?

… to be continued.

Andreas Schliep