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In over 60 countries across the world, thousands of you came together to participate in Global Startup Battle 2015. You created, innovated, built new companies, forged new bonds, and worked around the clock! Thank you to every team who participated in GSB 2015. Each and every one of you helped in making GSB the biggest startup battle in the world.

We are now ready to announce the final Global Startup Battle Champions! There were many impressive and notable entries, but these teams really stood out. They made it through very trying and demanding rounds of voting, judging, and through all that they persisted to be named this year’s winners!

Congratulations, félicitations, gratulasjoner, gefeliciteerd…

The Champions Track

Winner: Caleche (London, UK)

Ever experienced a painful surge on Uber? Opened your favorite taxi app and no cabs were around? We did, and that’s why we created Caleche.

Caleche is a unique app that allows you to access all cab services around. Just put the destination you would like to go, and we will algo-handpick for you the cheapest and the closest cab around, as well as some funkier stuff…

Behind this? A diverse group of dev and bus people from Google, Amazon, BBC and Dataiku

For the first time ever, we have a tie for Runner Up!

1st Runner Up (tied): Menehune Hat Clip

1st Runner Up (tied): Floop


The Innovators Track

Winner: Smart Case (Fall River, MA, USA)

Smart case is an easy way to send for help. With one tap of the emergency button on the back of your smartphone case, you can immediately share your current location, with the people you trust. It also can send text messages, emails, voice recordings and more. You can simply set your emergency contacts and the information they receive with our app. Special features include extra battery life for your smartphone while remaining light, slim and protective. At our facilities we have the ability to design, develop and start a small scale production today. You will never forget this device because it is always connected to your phone.

1st Runner Up: Glow

2nd Runner Up: LiftSync


The Great in the Making Track

Winner: Tactile Eyesight (Liepaja, Latvia)

We thrive to build global tactile book platform for children with visual impairment.

Tactile Eyesight – community that formed during GSB / SW event in Latvia is thriving to provide easy & affordable way to support blind communities, by giving them easy access to 3D digital tactile layouts. We want to apply rising 3D printing technology to mass-produce tactile books and make them more available.

1st Runner Up: househive

2nd Runner Up: Menehune Hat Clip


The Disruptors & Big Ideas Track

Winner: LiftSync (Tampa, FL, USA)

LiftSync is a tech fitness company focused on transcending the barriers of fitness. Founded by Matt, Pat, and Mariner, the idea hits close to home with all three feeling as if they have not seen the proper progress in the gym. The team has a wide breadth of knowledge from electrical engineering to entrepreneurship and finance. The LiftSync team placed 1st in Startup Weekend Tampa Bay and has received support from the Lowth Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Tampa.

1st Runner Up: Entaro Crowdsourcing Tourism

2nd Runner Up: Handoff


The Startup Women Track

Winner: househive (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

househive is an online platform for your local neighborhood to leverage the collective purchasing power by bundling common household services. We help organize you and your close neighbours, find common services, package up the service requests and connect you with the best local service providers in your community. Ideal for busy professionals living in apartment buildings, find out who’s already working in your building, share the service provider with your neighbours and everyone saves!

1st Runner Up: Floop

2nd Runner Up: Giftr


The Mobile Growth Track

Winner: UGO (New York City, NY, USA)

Have you ever went to swipe into the subway to find that you have insufficient funds as you watch your train leave? You go to try and quickly refill your card at the machine only to be hit with a massive line of people as you realize you will now wait another 30 minutes for the next train… We are creating a mobile application where someone can update their metro card anytime and anywhere, never again will you miss a train or bus with uGO!

1st Runner Up: ArtSmartPDX

2nd Runner Up: Click Remote


The Education Through Video & Beyond Track

Winner 1 (tied): Floop (Seattle, WA, USA)

Educators know that feedback is key to student learning. Floop is a digital platform that allows educators to provide timely, quality feedback on paper assignments. Students take a picture of their work using the app. Teachers access student work on Floop, drag and drop comments from a pre-populated bank of feedback aligned with standards, and add personalized written and audio comments. Students can instantly view feedback and respond, completing the loop and promoting dialogue.


Winner 2 (tied): Modern History (Cincinnati, OH, USA)

Kate Bachman and Emilie Kilfoil, high school juniors, recognized the necessity for a product that connects current events with history lessons taught in the classroom. They worked with a team of 5 others to create a search database called Modern History to do precisely that. Modern History reveals the connections between past and present events via an interactive website, promoting a more thorough understanding of modern conflicts and thus improving problem-solving skills.


The Open Track

Winner: Business Toybox (Albuquerque, NM, USA)

The idea behind business toybox is really simple. As much as I love the business model canvas, I noticed that people without a background in business development didn’t really get how it worked. So, how do you make business model generation easier for first-time entrepreneurs?

Well, let’s try turning it into a game.

That’s what business toxbox is. A gamified web app for building business models.





Thank you to our sponsors for supporting Global Startup Battle and the innovators around the world!

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Dae Smith Dae Smith

  • Congratulations to these winners, it’s been a long, hard road. The best part? It’s just beginning, the real work now begins! If you participated in GSB and didn’t ‘win’, remember that you’re still off to a bigger and better start than almost any startup on the planet. Keep pushing, we’re here for all of you, not just the winners.

    • Daniel Tang

      I am one of the team members of “Feaglett” – Pigeon Chatting App project. Now we failed to become one of the winners, but I really want to go further in this project, what can I do next?

      • Hi Daniel, We definitely encourage you and your Startup Weekend team to keep the momentum going on your project. Check out some of our other programs designed to support you along your entrepreneurial journey, as well as Startup Digest which features locally curated startup events happening in your area.

  • Jonathan Ortmans

    Great job guys. Enjoyed judging this. You are all welcome to come to Medellin in March 2016 for the GEC – http://www.GEC.co

  • SiddR


  • David Iglesias Recasens

    Congratulations guys! Interesting projects.