Techstars Global Startup Weekend: Announcing the Regional Showcase Winners

With more than 12,000 attendees, this year’s Techstars Global Startup Weekend has been incredible thanks to all the people who put in the effort to make the events happen. In 58 countries across every time zone, community leaders, mentors, judges, and participants came to Techstars Startup Weekend to build awesome companies, forge new bonds, and experience what it’s like to create a company in a weekend.

After a week of voting and a regional judging round, we are proud to introduce the Regional Showcase winners from each of our six regions. These six teams are now being evaluated to win the Global Showcase, which will be announced next week.

Please give a round of applause for the following teams:

Asia Pacific: Pegasus

Techstars Startup Weekend Brisbane, Australia

Pegasus is an all in one equine management tool at your fingertips, solving the pain point of a messy and disorganized paper trail that surrounds most stakeholders in the horse industry. It allows you to not only schedule appointments, but book services within the app, as well as storing care instructions, registration information, medical data, tracking of training and competition results, and more! Its unique marketplace community allows you to connect with industry service providers to book, schedule and receive confirmation for all your appointments within the confines of the app.

Brazil: ILHÁ

Techstars Startup Weekend São Paulo Travel, Brazil

IHLÁ is a web app platform that aggregates qualified information about researched destinations to travel to, giving priority to moms that want security, comfort, and cost-savings while planning their family vacation.

It seeks to provide the user a sense of security by offering the best option for them, with a centralized search and collection of crawler-filtered information that will search for 5-star rated destinations by location or price.


Latam: Sweet Life

Techstars Startup Weekend San Rafael, Argentina

SweetLife is a tool that helps diabetic people have control over the carbs they have or will consume, and in the base of that calculate the number of units of insulin that should be applied.

SweetLife is a unique application that uses a scanner to provide all the necessary information, that is then registered inside the app. A third party can follow-up on the diabetic person by downloading the app onto their phone and adding their profile.

Sweet Life team:

Europe: Fire Sense

Techstars Startup Weekend London Smart Cities and Home, UK

Fire Sense is a connected fire safety solution to address human error and the gap in information emergency services receive in response to an alarm. Their mission is to increase effectiveness of emergency services and aid in saving lives. Focusing on councils who own large council buildings as their initial target, as it is these building owners that are most affected by the poor fire emergency management according to their research.

Fire Sense Team:

The Middle East and Africa: SalesBay

Techstars Startup Weekend Abia, Nigeria

SalesBay is a B2B platform that connects manufacturers of Nigerian-made products with the respective market while ensuring trust, quality and an increase in sales.

They go the extra mile by verifying the quality of products to be sold on their platform and ensure trust to businesses acting as an escrow server.

SalesBay Team

US & Canada: LeaseCake

Techstars Startup Weekend Orlando, USA

LeaseCake, a SaaS platform that provides small to medium-sized property owners and managers the ability to scale their operations while efficiently managing all of their tenants.

The platform is a centralized solution allowing owners to electronically store leases, collect payments, and communicate proactively with tenants making the entire leasing experience affordable, paperless, and scalable.

LeaseCake Team

Congratulations to all the winning teams! Want to participate in a Techstars Startup Weekend? Go to