Startup Weekend Volos: Metavallon is coming with Prizes!


Metavallon is a model social enterprise that empowers and accelerates startups at the very early stages. Through its three-stage program (Τhe LabThe Accelerator, and The Hub), Metavallon seeks to motivate talented individuals, expose them to experienced entrepreneurs, experts and investors, and provide them with the necessary resources to start their own high impact businesses. Its mission is to uplift the endeavors of active entrepreneurial spirits around the world and generate a powerful venturing movement in Greece and beyond.

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Startup Weekend Volos: Yiannis Giokas as a Speaker!


Yiannis is a serial entrepreneur with over 7 years’ experience in the High-Tech and Security Industries. Prior founding Crypteia Networks, he has been active in the fields of Telecommunications, Network Optimization and Security enabling Telecom Operators to optimize their networks, expand their added value services and enhance their customers’ experience. He holds a B.Sc. in Electronics Engineering and an M.B.A. from Athens University of Economics & Business.

Startup Weekend Volos: Start Tech Ventures is also our Sponsor!

start tech ventures

StartTech Ventures is the investment & incubation arm of the Materializing Innovation Group, having three divisions: Seed Fund, Incubator and Business Angel Network. StartTech capitalizes the experience gained out of starting Virtual Trip, the first successful student start-up in Greece, spinning out more than 10 high-tech companies via investing 4.5 MEur and creating a next generation start-up accelerator via introducing the “Entrepreneurial Ecosystem” concept.

Startup Weekend Volos: Microsoft as a Platinum Sponsor



  1. Free Bizspark Software ( Software worth of  10,000 euro
  2. 150 euro free cloud resources (azure) a month and access to Microsoft’s global         startup community
  3. mentoring sessions and aquaintance with the startups that Microsoft incubates
  4. Evaluation for admission in Microsoft’s incubation programms that allows the team to be hosted in Microsoft’s incubator for 6 months and more…


Startup Weekend Volos: Frenzy Projects is coming with prizes


 Frenzy Projects will provide to one of the 3 best teams business branding and support for a year!


Web Design
Interior Design
Mobile Applications

Startup Weekend Volos: is here with prizes!!!

new logo think 72dpi ok ΑΕ  will provide the winner’s team with their web page, also support and hosting in their servers for a year and domain name for 2 years!!!


Startup Weekedn Volos: Volos Traditional Drink – Tokali Tsipouro is a genuine Greek product

tsipouro tokali

We started farming our vineyards organicaly in 1990, by applying new cultivation technics such as biological diseases control, dense planting, fertilizing with sheep manure, mechanical destruction of the weeds, etc.

We chose the path of Organic Viticulture, for many reasons. Firstly, in order to protect the members of our family from dangerous pesticides which are ussually applied in most vineyards during the whole process of production. Additionally, we found out that a organic Vineyard can be grown and maintained easily with the necessary experience and the appropriate scientific knowledge.

Our organic vineyard is highly appreciated by consumers, who, prompted us to attempt the transformation of the organicaly grown grapes in wine and tsipouro. We offer our customers a unique product that is safe and qualitatively “distinct” from the usual conventional products on the market.

Based on these principles we started our business and with these same principles we keep serving you the best quality wine and tsipouro today.

Startup weekend Volos: Delicious apple variety in Zagora

logo zagorin tel

The beginnings of the Agricultural Cooperatives’ Union of Zagora Pelion can be found in the last century. It was established in 1916 and is one of the first unions in the country (the law on Cooperative Unions was passed in 1915).

On the 27th of  October 1916, 199 Zagorian people formed the Association, under the name “Commercial Cooperative of Agricultural Products of Zagora”, which originally cultivated potatoes and hazelnuts.

The rising of the union commenced in the mid 60s with the spread of the Starkin Delicious apple variety in Zagora, whose soil and climate conditions has proved ideal for producing fruits and products of high quality and taste. The beginning was made. Shortly afterwards, in the 80’s, the Cooperative made an amazing course which reaches up today, and has managed to collect the 98% of the producers.

In 1985 the Cooperative of Zagora changed form. With the approval of the new statute the cooperative changes its name and becomes the Agricultural Cooperatives’ Union of Zagora Pelion, the form it has today, with trade mark and logo of corporate identity.


At the same time, the apples acquire the trade mark “ZΑΓΟΡΙΝ»/«ZAGORIN an internationally registered trademark.

The union also collected various kinds of agricultural products of the region, such as other apple varieties (golden, renedes, fyrikia), pears, kiwi, chestnuts, olives, cherries, etc., all products of excellent quality.

These products also acquire corporate identity, a new packaging with the trade mark is designed, and from now on, the apples carry a sticker with the logo and moving vehicles have the new corporate identity. The Zagorin apples were born!

Today, the Agricultural Cooperative’s Union of Zagora Pelion collects, maintains, packs and distributes almost 100% of the apple production of the area (10.000 to 15.000 tonnes per year), as well as other products produced, and is one of the most important economic entities of Magnesia.



Startup Weekend Volos: The Association of Industries in Thessaly and in Central Greece (AITCG)



The Association of Industries in Thessaly and in Central Greece (AITCG) is a Legal non-profit Entity operating under Private Law and covering the Regions of Thessaly and Central Greece.


AITCG was established in 1966 in Volos, and within the limits of its responsibility includes the geographic regions of Thessaly and of Central Greece.


Its members may be industrial and handicraft firms in many sectors such as food and beverages, mineral material, wood and furniture, basic metals, textile, chemicals, machinery, renewable energy systems etc., and enterprises providing legal, financial and consultancy services to SMEs, that operate under private-economic criteria.



Startup Weekend Volos: Found.ation is here!!!


Found.ation is top-notch, privately funded and operated technology hub located in Athens, Greece. Originally established in 2011 as one of the first co-working spaces in SE Europe, Found.ation’s mission is to develop and mature local aspiring startup companies and talent by creating nationwide acceleration programs and a market-oriented Startup Education program, alongside quality events and hackathons.

In the past 12 months alone, Found.ation hosted or accelerated 60 different startup companies in three acceleration batches, leading them to secure more than 2 million dollars in total funding by Greek and International Investors. During the same period, it hosted more than 100 Educ.ation offerings, events and hackathons.