#SWTimisoara 4th edition: The Universal Facilitator is Here!

Binary star: a star which is actually made up of two stars orbiting each other.

Meet Dwight Gunning, our binary star. Why is that, you may ask. Well, we’ve attributed that specific Universe element to him because he combines both tech and entrepreneurship expertise. Just like two specialists in one.


Dwight has a special role at our 4th edition: he’s our event facilitator. Facilitators a core part of the Startup Weekend model, as every Startup Weekend event must have a Certified Startup Weekend Facilitator to help ensure the event is run successfully.

Dwight is an Australian software engineer and entrepreneur currently based in Amsterdam. A technologist at heart, he has launched several web and mobile companies in the fields of transport and education. He has also been active as a Startup Weekend organizer and facilitator since 2010.

You can meet our binary star at the 4h edition of Startup Weekend Timisoara!

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Meet Planetary Nebula, Our Rocket-Science Mentor at SWTimisoara #4!

Planetary Nebula: a nebula of gas surrounding a star.

We have attributed this cosmic element to Alejandru Roja, our mentor at Startup 462561_272083406262108_1902287747_oWeekend Timisoara 4th edition. According to the legend in the kids’Astronomy dictionary, a Planetary Nebula is the soft surrounding blanket on a powerful planet. Well, the same is Alex in this context: he is the closest and the friendliest to the wide and bright science of entrepreneurship.

Alexandru is a PhD in Management and Lecturer in various startup-core subjects such as strategic management, business administration, strategic analysis, enterprise development strategies, managerial and entrepreneurial simulations at West University of Timișoara.

Not anyone gets to be as easy-going in matters of business without deeply knowing it first. Thus, Alexandru has done various research on innovative and entrepreneurial potential in the IT industry and the development of strategic organizational capabilities to cope with the complexity of the current business environment.

Moreover, he is the developer of Envisioning project analyzing the relationships between economy, technology and society for a smart strategic development, anticipation and understanding of the main global trends.

You can benefit from his wisdom by being a part of the 4th edition of Startup Weekend Timisoara.

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