What is Startup Weekend Hyderabad

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One weekend to start a business? Is it even realistic? Hell, yeah! At Startup Weekend Hyderabad we present you the challenge! In fact our slogan is “I started a company in 54 hours, what did you do last weekend?!”, and trust me – it doesn’t get any better than this!

It’s a simple event. Participants are of various kinds – you have geeks/developers who know nothing else but coding, Designers, hustlers/communication experts who are good with marketing, and then there are the guys who are bored to death in their job and think “Entrepreneurship?! That’s fun!”.

For the first two days, it is only the participants, mentors and the organisers! Third/Final day, the judges come in to pick the winners! So, first we have the participants pitching their ideas to everyone in one minute (elevator pitches). Then, we have everyone voting for the ideas/pitches they love the best – 25 of the top voted ideas are chosen to be worked upon! Participants, then form complementary teams and work on making a prototype/business plan for the chosen ideas! Mentors will guide all the teams and offer plenty of advise! 

After all the task completions, working like hell through days and nights, yelling at each other, giving everything they’ve got, in short, the teams, eventually sell the dream! And that is, the final day presentations of business plans/prototypes to the judges(5 minute pitches) who criticise with passion and the verdict is finally out! Winners are announced, we have top three places and a crowd’s favourite! 

The winners getting amazing prizes that range from free office spaces to software licenses for limited periods of time!

For most of us, Startup Weekend Hyderabad teaches a lot about startups and how to go about them! And for a handful of us, it might still not be as clear – but then it is true that above everything else, Startup Weekend Hyderabad is filled with fun, networking, passionate people, adrenalin rushes, massive loads of food, lots of coffee, and wonderful experiences!

-Varun Mallapragada.

Startup Weekend Hyderabad (Healthcare & Analytics) will be held on 26th – 28th of August, 2016 at ISB, Gachibowli. To participate, please register at Page on swhyd.co.inScreen Shot 2016-08-05 at 3.17.27 PM