Sunday Night Presentations

Welcome to the final day of Startup Weekend Nanaimo! Its the final stretch and you should be working on your Sunday Night presentation soon. The format is this: 5 minutes to present, 5 minutes of questions & answers. You may use slides or other multi-media on the TV in the seminar room downstairs. You may also have 1 person present or your whole team, its up to you (but I recommend 1 person).

At 3pm Jeff will be running a “pitch clinic” to help get 1 person from each team focused on their presentation. Stay tuned for more info.

At 4pm we’ll be doing a technology check in the main room, to ensure that you can connect to the TV. The building offers a single, simple, and reliable option: Apple TV. If you want to connect in any other way, you’ll need to use your own cables, etc. If you don’t have an Apple device on your team, you can copy your presentation over to one of the organizer’s computers and they’ll put it on the TV for you.

Dinner will be at around 5pm, then we’ll congregate downstairs in the lounge to meet our judges and see your final presentations.

Remember that judges want to see you demonstrate that you’ve done customer validation, you’ve developed a realistic business model, and that you’ve built something! Make sure to tell the audience how you talked to customers, how many, what you heard, and what you did with that info. Tell us how you came to the business model you’ve presented and tell us why its the best. Finally, show us your product!

Let any organizer or the facilitator know if you have any questions. Good work, and good luck!

Startup Weekend Day by Day Breakdown: Sunday


Its 9AM and you only 8 hours left and there is still so much to do!


Validation never stops. You can never have too much feedback from your potential customers. Keep at it.

Your MVP

By now you should have a refined MVP that is either working on the web or on your local laptop. You will be working on it till the last minute before your presentation so keep building!


There will be some coaches and mentors coming around on Sunday as well. Use this time to get some feedback on what you have done over the 24 hours.


Preparing your presentations

All work stops and presentations start at 5PM sharp. You will have 5 mins to present your idea and demo the app. The presentation is followed up with 5 mins of QA from the judges.

Nick Stevens, an awesome organizer out of the UK has put together a great mini-guide on creating your Sunday presentations: and

In NYC, we like to hold “presentation dry runs”. We have the teams pitch what they have done so far in front of some coaches/mentors to get some feedback. Each team will get 10 mins (5 mins for presentation, 5 mins for feedback). This is completely optional.

So hopefully this mini-guide helps you throughout the weekend. This guide is a living document and will get better over time with feedback from you folks. So if you have a suggestion on how to make this guide better, send them along!

-Andrew Young
Startup Weekend NYC