A New Startup Weekend Design For A United Dallas.

2014 was our biggest year ever in Dallas/Ft. Worth area. We hosted 4 Startup Weekend events this past year, two being our first verticals in the area (health and education), and two during the Global Startup Battle. We have a lot of momentum in our startup community, and we don’t plan on slowing down any time soon.

Dallas/Ft. Worth is unique in that two very large cities are located in close proximity to each other, meaning the North Texas area is quite spread out. For 2015, we wanted to improve the accessiblity of all the events since we cover such a large area, so all of the North Texas organizers got together to come up with a new community initiative – dividing North Texas into 4 regions. Dallas, North Dallas, Ft. Worth, and Denton, with the goal of having one event in each region every year.

Up to this point, all of the Startup Weekend events were run pretty independently with no real connection to each other, except for sharing some organizers in a few cases. We wanted to change that. We wanted to build a single “brand” for Startup Weekend in North Texas. When we need artwork or shirts for events, we turn to our local design company from Denton, Pan Ector Industries. We had coffee with owner and creative director, Nick Webber to discuss taking on our new regional branding concept including the values and branding guidelines of UP Global, and our goals for Startup Weekend North Texas. What they came back to us with was nothing less than spectacular – about 6 solid designs that scream Texas, Dallas and North Texas in general.

startup weekend Dallas, Dallas,

We hosted a free UP Global Happy Hour for the entire North Texas startup community and talked about our past year, the UP Global programs that are currently going on in Dallas (Startup Digest, Startup Next, Startup Week, and Startup Weekend), our plans for 2015, and then closed out with revealing the new artwork (all by Pan Ector Industries).


The reception was fantastic, all of the events this year will have access to these new logos and shirts, ready to use in a so many ways ranging from signage and banners to social media and marketing pieces. We really feel that keeping all of these events connected will improve our bonds as organizers and contine to grow the UP Global community here in North Texas, and continue to support our new entrepreneurs with their ideas and opportunities.

NEXT DALLAS EVENT: Startup Week, March 2-6! 

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