Learn How to Code with Dev Mountain!

We are excited to have Dev Mountain on board as a Startup Weekend Sponsor this year!

DevMountain is an industry-leading coding bootcamp with offices in Dallas, Salt Lake City and Provo, Utah. Founded by fellow coders, DevMountain’s expert faculty love sharing their craft, and empowering the next wave of programers and entrepreneurs. DevMountain brings affordability + the highest quality / hands-on education to the tech space.  There’s many ways to get involved on campus including networking events, workshops, part-time classes and full-time immersive programs. 

MEET the Sponsor

DNB2DNB is an official sponsor of  Bergen Startup Weekend

We met Roger Antonesen, Responsible Businesses in Western Norway, to ask why DNB choose to support this global event in Bergen.


“Startup Weekend is an exciting boot camp where local ideas get help to accelerate and evolve into promising concepts.

We in DNB love cheering new ideas onward and serve them with competence and support. Through our “Starting a business” concept we want to contribute and increase the level of innovation in Norway.”

Why doesn’t everyone want to start their own business?

Startup Weekend Stavanger’s 2015 event is sponsored by DNB, which is Norway’s largest financial services group. Kristine Moe Sirnes, Marketing Manager DNB corporate, Rogaland and Agder, gives her perspective on partnering with Startup Weekend Stavanger as a Platinum Sponsor.

Kristine Moe Sirnes, Marketing Manager DNB corporate, Rogaland and Agder
Kristine Moe Sirnes, DNB

After having worked hard (and a lot) with getting to know what Startup is all about, I can’t understand why everyone who is still trying to figure out what to do with their life, won’t consider starting their own business!

Okay, so you need a good idea, I get that 😉

All jokes aside, here’s some of what I’ve learned this past year or so.

Working with corporate marketing in DNB is fun, I enjoy almost every single day! We want to engage and encourage more people to start their own businesses. We are cheering for the entrepreneurs, the people who are willing to create not only their own, but new jobs for others as well! We want to share our knowledge and help people build healthy companies by cheering, coaching and giving them economical advice and counselling. No matter the circumstances, we aim at being there for all businesses. Every day. And when it matters the most.

I have learned a lot about entrepreneurship this past year. It’s a never ending learning process, and it thrills me every time I’m in touch with the startup-environment.

Throughout 2014 I was out and about a lot – participating, joining, meeting, presenting, communicating, listening and asking a lot of questions! What gives me a kick is that this is such an incredibly exciting business! We have met all sorts of people and entrepreneurs. So many interesting businesses – and it’s very rewarding when we get to work together with companies like Innovasjon Norge, Skape, Ipark and many more.I love what we have accomplished by working together and towards the same goal – helping and being the best for each other.

If you haven’t yet visited Open Coffee or any of the various co-working spaces in Stavanger east – Mess & Order, Absinthen, Erfjordgt. 8 or Tinnfabrikken yet, be sure to do so! And I am sure you’ll be as amazed as I am when you get to spend time in the exciting facilities hosting Startup Weekend right now – Innovation Dock. I love spending time in Stavanger East!

Anyway – one of the most fun, engaging and amazingly inspiring events we participated at last year when we were out and about, was Startup Weekend Stavanger in October. The concept is great! This is so edutainment! Loads of fun and extremely educational. All kinds of inspiring people, (most of them a lot younger than me though 😉 If I were to contemplate on starting my own business this would so be the event to attend! But, I sincerely think that the Startup Weekend event is a great place for anyone to join, as you get to embrace the positive energy that evolves when people eager to create and innovate get together.

Startup Weekend Stavanger [Photo: Andrea Rocha]
Startup Weekend Stavanger [Photo: Andrea Rocha]
I am very glad we are engaged as a Startup Weekend Stavanger Platinum Sponsor again this year.

I have personally been impatiently waiting for a very interesting report that is soon to be released and published (20th of April). Menon Business Economics has studied a variety of successful Startups from 2003 and up until last year. Menon Business Economics has been digging for information on what successful entrepreneurs have in common. Do they have certain similarities? What do they have in common? What is it about these specific cases that made them successful? I don’t know of any similar study, which makes me very happy that it was DNB who decided to have this type of research done. I’m hoping this is a kind of recipe on how you might succeed as an entrepreneur.

DNB cropped

And I can’t wait for us to be able to share this information with you and with everyone. You are hereby specially invited to spend half an hour with us on Saturday 25th of April, when we are ready to share the headlines with you. We will be celebrating the official opening of our flagship store in Stavanger city center by giving you a little festival with OnklP, Highasakite and Leo Ajkic, among others. Around noon we’ll present the report and show you some cool stuff 😉 (That said, I think you should join us for the entire day of course, check out details about the full program here. It’s free and there will be some great live music, an outdoor scene, entertainment and hopefully some great edutainment as well!

Lots of luck at the Startup Weekend event! I hope to see you all at our event by our Stavanger-flagshipstore on the 25th this month!

Best regards – Kristine

DNB is Norway’s largest financial services group and one of the largest in the Nordic region in terms of market capitalisation. The Group offers a full range of financial services, including loans, savings, advisory services, insurance and pension products for retail and corporate customers. For more information see here.

Interview with Our Sponsor: Rockstart

Startup Weekend Amsterdam welcomes back one of the sponsors from last year to the event again: Rockstart


Rockstart gives startups rock-solid support in their first 1000 days. Since 2012, Rockstart has helped startups from all over the world grow faster. With 2 accelerator programs has helped more than 40 startups take off and created over 250 jobs. Besides accelerator, other initiatives like Rockstart Spaces, Answers and Impact are also part of Rockstart.

We interviewed Don Ritzen, co-founder and Managing Director of Rockstart Accelerator.

What history do you have with Startup weekend?


The idea of Rockstart also came out of Startup Weekend which we organised for first time in 2009. I participated a Startup Weekend event in Copenhagen and my team won the weekend and afterwards we had members of jury and VC’s coming up to us and saying they’d like to invest, which was mind blowing. The startup continued, raised $2 millions and went to Silicon Valley, I couldn’t go with them. Here in Netherlands Startup Weekend has such an energetic effect that people that win the event or form a very nice team they sometimes quit their jobs right after the weekend but what I noticed is that they struggled to find launching customers or investors. I thought we should have something as a next step after startup weekend. We didn’t have anything like that in Netherlands and no one was doing it so I decided to do it, and met my co-founder Oscar Kneppers at Startup Weekend and together we launched Rockstart.

Why is entrepreneurship important to you?

I think it challenges you to make the most out of yourself and it gives you freedom and autonomy to make your own path. To create something when there’s only a idea is there on paper and make it come to life is the best feeling there is and everyone at Startup Weekend feels that because they start with nothing on Friday evening and they make something out of it by Sunday evening and that is why it’s such a powerful event and I think that is also the essence of entrepreneurship.

What effects SW has on ecosystem of city or country?

It has a big effect on people who join the event; after such a weekend they realise that the idea they have been walking around is not so difficult to implement and together with Sunday evening pitches guests the energy that is in the room on Sunday evening is something you won’t see at other events and that energy spreads across the city, infects other people and encourage them to join the event or do entrepreneurial things on their own.

Why someone with a business idea should come to Startup Weekend Amsterdam?

It simply is the best platform to take your idea to next step. You can keep it to yourself and grow it in your own time but when you start to share, it gets better. With more thoughts and different point of views make something improve. People who have ideas usually don’t do something with them and some years later at some dinner party they say ‘look at the company who raised another 5 million, i had same idea 2 years ago’. Startup weekend is a platform which allows you to do something with your ideas.

Why should people with full time jobs come to Startup weekend even if they don’t want to build their own company?

You leave the weekend very energetic with a lot of ideas and insights in terms of how to do your job differently or better. For example working with business model canvas or working with different people you don’t normally work with gives you a different approach to the usual way of working and that brings a lot of improvement.

Why you decided to sponsor?

It is about giving back  to Startup Weekend as I got a lot from it, it brought be where I am today. I think its nice to have other people have the same experience which i had.

Looking forward to our coming event? Buy your tickets soon. Early Birds Sold Out.

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Cengage Learning transformando a experiência de aprendizagem

NGL_CL_Y_CMYK_F logo colorido (1)

A Cengage Learning é uma empresa líder em conteúdos, tecnologias e serviços educacionais para os ensinos nos níveis básico e fundamental (K-12), e também superior, além de atender mercados profissionais e bibliotecários em todo o mundo. A empresa oferece conteúdos, serviços personalizados e soluções digitais orientados aos cursos que aceleram o envolvimento dos alunos e transformam a experiência de aprendizagem. Com sede em Boston (MA), a Cengage Learning opera em mais de 20 países ao redor do mundo, inclusive no Brasil. Para mais informações, acesse www.cengage.com.br ou visite nossos perfis nas mídias sociais: Facebook, Twitter @CengageBrasil ou @cengagelatina.

Sponsor Spotlight: HE Space Operations GmbH

On behalf of the StartupWeekend Space Team, I would like to introduce you to one of our key sponsors, HE Space Operations GmbH. We are grateful for their continues support in making this event as great of an experience as possible for the participants.


HE-SpaceHE-Space is specialized in personnel recruitment with an exclusive focus on the space sector. They combine the exclusive focus on space with the broad, international network, built over 30 years.

HE Space has concentrated its activities on supplying space experts to ESA, to EUMETSAT and to the European space industry. Their industry customers include Airbus Defence & Space (formerly EADS-Astrium), Kayser-Threde, Jena-Optronik, SES Astra, TESAT Spacecom, IABG, Spaceopal and Euro Cryospace. Their staff have made significant contributions to many of Europe’s most exciting space projects.

HE-Space recruitment team is the best in the business at seeking out highly educated and motivated professionals due to the fact that most have worked in the space industry themselves. They set themselves apart from other engineering services companies by combining human resources competences with technical expertise. Their experienced staff originate from all over the world and possess a wide range of capabilities in engineering, science and general support.

HE Space is a privately-owned company, operating internationally with offices in the Netherlands, Germany and the USA.

StartupWeekend Space is supported by the City of Bremen, the European Space Agency, Airbus Defence and Space, HE-Space, Design & Data, Space Angels Network as well as Up Global, a non-profit organization connecting a global community of entrepreneurs across all topics. The organization is headquartered in Seattle, US and is considered a hub for entrepreneurial space.

Orange rejoint l'aventure du Startup Weekend Tours #2 !

Partenaire du Startup Weekend de Tours, Orange, en tant qu’opérateur de télécommunications, est un acteur clé de la révolution numérique. Orange place l’humain et la technologie, au cœur du processus de création de valeur. Orange soutient la capacité des jeunes entrepreneurs à innover, à mobiliser leur créativité et leurs talents et met ses innovations numériques au service de leur modèle économique. En déployant le Très Haut Débit sur le territoire, Orange stimule le développement d’un écosystème propice à l’émergence de nouvelles idées et la création d’emplois.

A travers la démarche « Orange Fab France », Orange a l’ambition d’aider les startups à développer leur business en proposant  les  produits et les services dont les clients pourront bénéficier demain.

Orange soutient les projets de l’écosystème numérique en région Centre pour permettre aux startups locales de se faire connaître et de développer leur activité. Par ce biais, Orange sera fier de remettre un prix à l’équipe « coup de cœur Orange » comprenant l’accès privilégié à des ateliers et à des événements dans son Orange Fab France. Ainsi l’objectif est de fournir toute l’attention dont la start-up « coup de cœur Orange » aurait besoin pour réussir.

Un grand merci à eux de la part de toute l’équipe Startup Weekend Tours pour leur soutien !

Sponsor Spotlight: Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen GmbH

On behalf of the StartupWeekend Space Team, I would like to introduce you to one of our key sponsors, Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen GmbH. We are grateful for their continues support in making this event as great of an experience as possible for the participants.


WFB Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen GmbH is responsible, on behalf of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen, for developing, strengthening and marketing Bremen as a location for business, trade fairs and events. Its services and products are primarily aimed at helping to secure and create jobs in Bremen and at providing businesses in Bremen with an optimal environment for entrepreneurial success.

Day 2 at #SWDub – Lean. Mentors. Pizza

SEE: A recap of the first day at #SWDub

One of the many valuable things attendees get from the Startup Weekend is the quality of speakers with wide range of expertise that come to share their knowledge. These speakers range from investors, accelerator managers, and product developers to founders and successful entrepreneurs.


The second day of #SWDub kicked off with a presentation by NRDC‘s Gary Leyden. He covered the Lean Canvas touching on the need for participants to focus on potential customers – walking up to them on the streets, targeting them through Facebook and LinkedIn ads, or even cold calling others for validation.

Other touch points included the need to aim at launching scalable ventures and to get this, there’d be need to be focus on ‘who‘ more than ‘what‘. Key metrics for scaling include –  Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Revenue, and Referal. In addition locking down the a revenue model by asking the question of pricing – Who’s going to pay for it? is very important.


Startup Weekend Dublin also attracts a very high calibre of coaches and mentors with expertise and background in design, business, and technology. We reached out to 10 of them for tips and here’s what they said.

 SEE: 10 tips from mentors at the #SWDub

It was very evident and impressive to see all the teams make progress in validating their ideas, forking out MVPs and even pivoting and rebranding. No doubt the final pitches tomorrow will see amazing ideas on showcase.

Thanks to our sponsors at Google (for Entrepreneurs), Dominos Pizza and Red Bull, we were treated to very tasty meals and big thanks to Slattery‘s who gets to host us for after-drinks and networking party.

Excited about tomorrow? Bring on the final pitches!

Final Pitch Tickets here.

Attention Stuttgart: Startup Weekend Mexico City is sponsoring you – Two tickets to win, pitch deadline: Nov 14th, 2014

Let the games begin! Startup Weekend Mexico City will sponsor two lucky entrepreneurs to attend our Startup Weekend Stuttgart on Nov 21st-23rd, 2014! Follow the instructions in their hilarious video and good luck! The deadline for the pitch upload is Friday, Nov 14th, 2014 (6 pm German time).

Watch the video here: http://youtu.be/Tu75YJ8JKNc


Our own video for our sponsoring of two tickets for Startup Weekend Mexico City can be found here: http://youtu.be/IUsVgayXwe0
(Nevertheless, the Mexicans beat us widely in terms of creativity and craziness!)

SW Stuttgart pic