New Year's Jeers: The Clueless Entrepreneur's Resolutions (Comic)

#entrepreneurfail New Years Jeers

It’s that time of the year again.

You’ll see a million posts and articles about what to do and how to make this new year more productive. In the midst of all the hacks to stay on track, we want to share with you what the clueless entrepreneur is planning for this year.

  1. Last year, the clueless entrepreneur was all talk, with nothing to back it up.  So this year, the clueless entrepreneur will be dialing it down a bit, changing the “fluff to stuff” ratio. Little does the clueless entrepreneur know…unless there is an actual foundation, hustling will accomplish nothing.
  2. The clueless entrepreneur wants to be the brand he/she has created yet doesn’t know what the customer actually wants. The clueless entrepreneur does not think about brands and products in the long-term.
  3. The clueless entrepreneur has seen that doing free work will result in sales.  The clueless entrepreneur blindly and indiscriminately does free work for anyone who needs it.
  4. The clueless entrepreneur loves the word ‘pivot’. Throwing it around sounds means he/she has arrived!
  5. “Faking it” is music to a clueless entrepreneur’s ears as he/she doesn’t have the substance to take their business to the next level.
A very happy new years to everyone! And cheers to no more clueless entrepreneurs!
What are your new years resolutions? Share them with us below? Have you made any of the mistakes that the clueless entrepreneur did?
Adapted from an #entrepreneurfail post from Jan 7, 2014.