Techstars and Netcapital Form Strategic Partnership

We are excited to announce our strategic partnership with Netcapital, a leading internet funding portal, which will allow Techstars to offer more capital to our entrepreneurs and more investment opportunities to our network. Techstars is the worldwide network that helps entrepreneurs succeed. Through this partnership, we are helping knock down barriers to capital formation, which will enable more rapid growth and will support the continued success of Techstars companies.

Through Netcapital’s portal, anyone can now invest in our companies right along with us. The Techstars team and I personally believe strongly in Netcapital and will be actively supporting the company in this strategic partnership and other endeavours. As part of those efforts, I will join the Netcapital board.

Netcapital is a capital raising platform that connects investors to entrepreneurs to help private companies grow. It’s a simple process. Startups seeking funding can list on, and anyone can purchase shares online with just a few clicks. Individuals can review the list of available offerings and invest any amount between $99 and $107,000. We will begin with a few select Techstars companies and accelerator programs, with the ultimate goal of expanding to include our entire portfolio.

Jason Frishman founded Netcapital to create a digital capital raising solution that is simpler and more efficient than traditional methods. Netcapital allows anybody to invest in private companies and participate in their growth. You can see Jason explain it himself on Mad Money with Jim Cramer.

Techstars views this as a paradigm shift in the dynamics of the capital markets and the ways that startups connect with consumers. We are on the cutting edge of finance and technology and are excited about this relationship because we believe that Netcapital is an emerging leader in our industry that has already begun to unlock the private capital markets for the average person.