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Esta iniciativa creada por Startup Weekend, busca generar una comunidad de emprendedores global más fuerte, a través de la competencia de startups más grande del mundo. Durante el fin de semana previo y el siguiente a la  Semana Global de Emprendimiento, cientos de Startup Weekends y otros programas de UP Global son organizados alrededor del mundo y los equipos ganadores de cada evento, continúan para competir entre ellos a través de una competencia de video global. La Batalla Global de Startups enriquece la comunidad de emprendimiento, creando un sentido de inclusión entre los equipos de cada startup alrededor del mundo.

¿Cómo puedo traer la Batalla Global de Startups a mi ciudad?

Organiza un Startup Weekend en los fines de semana de Noviembre 14 o 21 y automáticamente serás incluido en la batalla. Tus participantes tendrán un número de maneras de competir por premios, oportunidades de mentoría, viajes y más. Además de Startup Weekend, tenemos otras maneras de involucramiento este año. Para conocer más, envía un correo a y te enviaremos más información!

Te presentamos las ciudades registradas (hasta el momento):

NOTA: Si no ves tu ciudad aquí, es porque:

  • El evento está en las primeras etapas de planeación para ser “oficial”. Si eres un organizador y no ves tu ciudad, pero has estado en contacto con nuestro equipo y/o has completado la aplicación, no tienes que preocuparte.  Continúa trabajando en el evento y nosotros actualizaremos la lista y ahí veras tu evento como oficial.
  • Todavía no hay un plan. Si este es el caso y tu quieres traer la Global Startup Batle a tu ciudad, tienes dos opciones. Si nos dices que estás interesado en la organización del evento, llenando esta aplicación y haciendo click en la opicón de “I’d like to help bring GSB to my city.”  O, presentándonos sa alguien en tu ciudad que sería un excelente organizador. Envía un correo a
Antsirabe Madagascar
Atlanta USA
Auburn USA
Bahrain Bahrain
Barcelona Spain
Bend USA
Bergen Norway
Bermuda USA
Bern Switzerland
Bordeaux France
Buea Cameroon
Burgos Spain
Cordoba Argentina
Cordoba Mexico
Cordoba Spain
Cincinnati USA
Columbia USA
Costa Rica Costa Rica
Curitiba Brazil
Dallas USA
Genova Italy
Ghent Belgium
Gold Coast Australia
Grenoble France
Guayaquil Ecuador
Guaymas Mexico
Houston USA
Kalamazoo USA
Kamloops Canada
Kansas City USA
Khartoum Sudan
Kirkland USA
Kumasi Ghana
Lagos Nigeria
Lajeado Brazil
Lansing USA
Le Havre France
Lehigh Valley USA
Liepaja Latvia
Lille France
Little Rock USA
Merida Mexico
Mar del Plata Argentina
Minneapolis USA
Nottingham UK
Orlando USA
Peoria USA
Perpignan France
Philadelphia USA
Praia Cape Verde
Quito Ecuador
Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Rochester USA
Rockford USA
Sacramento USA
San Diego USA
Sanaa Yemen
Santo Domingo Dominican Republic
Seattle USA
Sevilla Spain
Sheffield UK
Sofia Bulgaria
St. Louis USA
Starkville USA
Swansea UK
Tunis Tunisia
Utrecht Netherlands
Valencia Spain
Vancouver Canada
Warsaw Poland
Washington USA
West Palm Beach USA

The World's Best Places To Launch Your Startup (Infographic)

Sure, Silicon Valley may be the first place that comes to mind when you think about startups, but is that really still the prime location to launch a startup these days?

Probably not. In fact, entrepreneurs would fare better with Bangalore, India or Boulder, Colorado or Seattle, Washington as the home base for their newest ventures. Check out the latest infographic from the WhoIsHostingThis team for the reasons why, and the full list of other cities that should be considered when launching a startup.

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6 Tips for Starting a Business in Another Country

This article is written by William L. – a small business owner and entrepreneur who writes about startups, technology, and smart money management.

If you think that starting a business in your home country is difficult, multiply that by several times to get a grasp on just how hard it is to open a business abroad. Of course, just because something’s difficult, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pursue it – you simply need to be fully cognizant of the challenges that you will face.


Before you traipse into a foreign country and start filling out business paperwork, be sure to follow these tips:

1. Research Business Practices
Business laws and practices, banking, and taxation all vary from country to country. While you can set up a business in New Zealand in a single day, it could take weeks or even months in other countries. Before you make a move and get started, study the laws and requirements for the country you’re interested in, and investigate how much it will cost to incorporate, acquire property, and start working.

2. Study Cultural Differences
Fitness may be big business in the United States, but it’s unlikely to have the same draw in certain Middle Eastern countries. You need to understand cultural differences that could affect your business’s viability. Research the culture surrounding the product or service you’ll be selling to ensure that there’s a market and a need for it.

But that’s not the only cultural difference to study – from language barriers to varied social interaction, an expat is likely to experience difficulty fitting into a foreign business community. Consider taking a few short trips abroad to get your bearings and start interacting with the local community.

3. Understand the Country’s Political Climate
It’s very important that you understand the political climate of the country you’re entering, as well as its history regarding taxation and asset seizure. For instance, in 2013, as the European Union was bailing out banks in Cyprus, the Cyprus government went directly into bankers’ accounts, removing up to 10% of the funds deposited within and calling it a “tax.” As a business owner in a foreign country, you don’t want to be in a position where your profits are unexpectedly “taxed” or your assets are seized because the political climate is undergoing change. Watch carefully, and do your best to work within a country with a stable political and economic system.

4. Seek Legal Advice
It’s always a good idea to hire a lawyer when starting a business, and this is especially true when starting a business abroad. Locate an expat lawyer from your country who is living and working in the country to which you hope to move. This way you’ll know that the lawyer understands you culturally, but has the knowledge and skills to help you navigate the foreign environment.

5. Seek Local Guidance
Just like you might get involved with the Chamber of Commerce or Small Business Association in the U.S., you should seek to get involved with other business owners in the country where you plan to open your business. Start this process before moving so you have a few trusted friends whom you can go to with questions as you get your business underway.

6. Give Yourself Time
Even if you’re excited about moving abroad and getting your business started, remember that all good things take time. Don’t rush the process. Give yourself time to research, seek trusted counsel, and navigate the ins and outs of moving abroad. Remember that you also have to apply for and receive the appropriate visas, so don’t expect things to come together overnight.

Some countries are better for start ups than others. If you’re looking to speed the process, consider Inc.’s top four countries for business startups: Singapore, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Where do you want to start a business abroad? What are you most nervous about?

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