Launch a Business in 54 Hours

In just 54 hours, you can turn your idea into a business. That might seem crazy but several Summit County businesses have already been launched in one weekend.

How? It’s called Startup Weekend and was launched in Colorado to give entrepreneurs the motivation, the support and the resources to take their business from idea to prototype to full business plan in 54 hours.

Now, it’s your chance. Summit County Startup Weekend returns Nov. 13-15 to Frisco, Colo. and will be based out of ELEVATE coSPACE and Evo3 Workspace, two coworking spaces in downtown Frisco.

“So many times people have ideas but are too afraid to share it … As you learn in Start-up weekend, ideas are plentiful, implementation and taking action is a whole lot more work,” says Shawna Henderson, founder of Adrenaline Escapes, who won last spring’s Startup Weekend. “If there is something inside of you that you can not get out of your head, take the first step and pitch it.  You never know where that will lead.”

Henderson was one of the five teams who pitched at the April Summit County Startup Weekend. All five teams are still working on their businesses and projects.

“We’re helping to build a launch businesses and ideas in Summit County,” said Larry Sullivan, lead organizer for Summit County Startup Weekend. “We had a 100 percent success rate of Startup Weekend teams. That’s an unusually high number and speaks volumes about the passion, tenacity and drive of our community.”

Startup Weekend gives anyone –- like Shawna and her team – the opportunity to pitch an idea on Friday night in 60 seconds or less to a group of local executives, entrepreneurs, designers, developers, founders, startups, digital experts and students.

After a vote, teams form around the top ideas and then they launch into 54 hours of creating, designing, researching, analyzing, developing, coding and teamwork all to present to a panel of expert judges and local startup veterans. Prizes will be awarded to help the teams put their ideas into action and build a startup.

Even if you don’t have an idea or don’t want to pitch, come, says Sullivan. If you’re intrigued with the idea of a startup or want to support a startup idea, this is the right event for you to attend.

According to Sullivan, Friday night and Sunday night are the perfect time and opportunity to find out more. “Who knows,” he says, “you might come on Friday night and get inspired to pitch an idea or join a team.”

Summit County Startup Weekend starts at 6:30 p.m. Friday, Nov. 13 and runs through 9 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 15 in Frisco at ELEVATE coSPACE and evo3 Workspace. Visit for more information.

Or connect on social at or on twitter @summitcountySW.