Editions Month 2016: Winners, Judges and More!

During May 2016, we held the second annual Editions Month. This initiative was created to highlight new editions of Startup Weekend, focusing on industries, themes and audiences.

Editions of Startup Weekend bring together entrepreneurs and industry experts for all kinds of innovation and community building – they are an invaluable tool for Community Leaders to foster the diversity required for thriving entrepreneurial communities. With ideas from all around the world, this year’s Editions Month spotlighted the unique talents and resources of communities in 49 Cities and in 49 countries around the world.

Throughout the initiative, we ran a contest with our organizers, where we encouraged them to tell us the story of their events to win funds for building their local startup community. The entries were judged by a committee of Facilitators and other Organizers, who decided on the winners based on the following criteria:

  • Impact
  • Creativity
  • Inspiration & Passion

Judges praised on all entries with comments such as, “I really liked the approach of telling the stories and showing examples of experiences during the event, which highlights the most of any event and how it impacts people, and the most important part, the community.”

We are proud to announce this year’s winners!

Startup Weekend Education Nairobi – The One and Only in East Africa

Nairobi, East Africa


Discovering Yuma — America’s Winter Salad Bowl

Arizona, USA

Yuma, Az

Making a dent in the universe – Environment First

Beirut, Lebanon

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Moda, Tecnologia e Startups (Fashion, Technology and Startups)

Belo Horizonte, Brazil


Thank you! To our community leaders, organizers, mentors and local judges, who for each event take the time and dedication in order to improve their communities and who work as volunteers for the cause of bringing entrepreneurship to every corner of the world. Also, thanks to our sponsors for supporting our events around the world and making them possible.

We’d also like to give a special thank you to the amazing judges of Editions Month 2016!

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Editions Month Spotlight: Startup Weekend Women

Editions Month is an initiative to highlight and introduce different audiences and industries to the innovation that happens at Startup Weekend. These special events bring together entrepreneurs and industry experts for all kinds of new projects, teamwork, and community building.
One of the most popular editions of Startup Weekend we see is Women’s Edition. Startup Weekend Women events seek to flip the ratio from traditional events. They encourage more participation from women and highlight female entrepreneurs all weekend – from the coaches to the judges.
Why are these events so critical to building strong startup communities? Because to grow diversity in technology entrepreneurship worldwide, showcasing the talents of women in entrepreneurship is a first step. Organizations around the world are seeking to do this is many helpful ways. The Techstars Foundation recently announced the first round of grantees, you can learn more here about these great organizations that are working to increase diversity and inclusiveness in entrepreneurship.
Check out the Women’s Editions happening during Editions Month!

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

León, Mexico

Albuquerque, USA


To help build a diverse and strong startup community in your city, sign up to organize Startup Weekend Women!

Editions Month Industry Highlight: Smart Cities

Everything is getting smarter. The tools we use at work, the products we use every day, so why not make the places we live smarter, too? Smart Cities are an urban development vision where cities are connected through information and communication technology, seeking to improve quality of life through these technologies. Imagine your community using technologies such as sensors, real-time monitoring systems, and data to reduce traffic congestion, fight crime, or improving the delivery of city services. This is what the smart city movement happening around the world is looking to do.
In 2015, The White House announced a Smart Cities Initiative to invest over $160 million in federal research to help 20+ cities tackle local challenges and improve services. This is just one example of governments around the world looking to improve where we live with smart technologies.
But it’s not just governments innovating cities. The Techstars Mobility accelerator program is focused on startups that are building technologies for the efficient movement of people, goods, and services across all modes of transportation. These technologies can help tackle the traffic and public transit problems growing cities are facing.
Startup Weekend events around the world are also thinking about Smart Cities during Editions Month 2016. Entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to dig deep into the topic and come up with solutions, products and services that aim to improve this industry in their hometowns. Check out the events using startups to make smarter cities!
Columbus, USA
Jaraguá do Sul, Brazil
Interested in innovating within a certain industry? Check out other events happening during Startup Weekend Editions Month!


Editions Month Spotlight: HealthCare

Health is considered to be one of the largest economy boosters in the world. In the US alone the industry is worth over $3 Million dollars. Universities like Harvard, Northwestern and Duke offer online courses and hackathons that tackle the mix of entrepreneurship and health, and governments are pushing and supporting the entrepreneurs’ creation and innovative solutions.


Health data analysis and transparency, fitness tracking, self-measurement, IoT devices, and more, are some of the developments we’ve seen and that will continue to evolve as the industry shifts and breaks its old-fashioned status.

In an effort to improve the Health industry, the Techstars Healthcare Accelerator, in partnership with Cedars-Sinai, was launched this year and is a collaboration to help today’s technology innovators turn their ideas into breakthroughs that can improve the lives of patients around the world.

On the weekend of May 27th, during Editions Month the organizing team at Tours, France will be hosting Startup Weekend e-Health Edition. Here’s what they think makes this edition special:

What are you most excited about for your upcoming event?

The idea of contributing to fostering innovation in a sector that tends to be very conservative makes us really excited! And seeing Health professionals thrilled by the idea of experimenting the entrepreneurial way of life and of contributing to the future of their industry makes us really happy.

What makes this Edition interesting?

Startup Weekend Tours e-Health edition is the fourth Startup Weekend we are organizing here in Tours. We had been thinking about it for a long time but now it seems that this is a good timing to focus on this Edition for several reasons:

  • The French national dynamic on e-Health is more favorable than ever.
  • The eHealth ecosystem is structuring (particularly around an association called eHealthTech France that brings together more than a hundred of French startups operating in the e-health industry).
  • The launching of a public investment fund for « the future of Medicine” is encouraging.

We hope that the success of French startups like Withings or Doctolib will inspire our participants!

The Team:

Tours Team 1 Tours Team 2

  • Julien Dargaisse who founded InterviewApp, a startup which helps over 1 000 organizations in France and abroad to optimize the performance of their recruitment process through a one-way video interviewing technology. He also created a non-profit organization named Palo Altours, which aims at fostering the innovation community here in Tours.
  • Rodrigo Reyes who founded Orthoscribe, a startup which helps speech-language pathologists to transcribe their sessions reports.
  • Julien Boulanger, a videast and photographer at Bereflex.
  • Marie Cottu who founded Adbok Design, a design studio.
  • Alexis Gandubert, who founded Smartvitale, a startup operating in the health field with his Vitale card (our National Health Insurance card) reader.
  • Rémi Toisier, who work for a regional delegation of the French State in charge of digital transition, GIP Recia.
  • Marie Gassie, co-founder along with Julien Dargaisse of both InterviewApp and Palo Altours!!

We are really delighted to help Techstars grow the Startup Weekend community year after year and get ready because we’ll have a yoga session during the event.

Editions Month Industry Highlight: Internet of Things

The revolution of the Internet of Things (IoT) has already started. All the smart devices in your home, sensored and app loaded objects in your life are all part of the IoT. From home and personal use to industrial focus, the industry has risen even more powerfully during the past decade.


We recently launched applications for the Techstars IoT Accelerator, located in NYC at Barclays Rise, which brings a focus on the “Industrial Internet” and connecting the infrastructure of business and industry. The accelerator unites IoT industry leaders with a select group of the most innovative emerging startups for a 15 week, mentorship-driven program.

As Editions Month happens, organizers around the world are creating opportunities for participants to attend IoT focused events. Today, we’re highlighting Startup Weekend Denver (USA) and Startup Weekend Florianópolis (Brazil).

What are you most excited about for your upcoming event?

Denver Team: We are extremely excited to put on an amazing event for the participants. We want to provide them with as many resources as possible so they can learn helpful skills, meet great people, build the local startup community, and above all, startup some great companies.

Florianópolis Team: The Startup Weekend Florianópolis Internet of Things will be the very first Startup  Weekend about this theme in Brazil, so we are very excited to make it unforgettable. It will be the opportunity to strengthen entrepreneurship in the region, bring the relationship with the maker community closer and bring more knowledge about Internet of Things. We want to show that everybody can create and connect multiple devices to the internet during the 54 hours event.  We are already sold out and we are working to bring many activities and surprises for the participants.

What makes this Edition interesting?

Denver Team: This Internet of Things edition of Startup Weekend will provide participants with some surprising insights into the coming “Third Wave” of the Internet. We’re excited to see what these entrepreneurs create over this weekend and how they use internet technologies to interact with physical devices.

Florianópolis Team: The Internet of Things is a booming market and promises to move more than $7 trillion USD over the next three years and we will have a fully dedicated edition to develop startups focused in IoT. We will have the presence of highly qualified mentors and judges to help in the development of the ideas and we are sure that it will be a success. Moreover, Florianópolis is consolidating as a global technology hub. Currently, the city has about 600 software companies, hardware and technology services, which generate about five thousand direct jobs. There is no better place to receive the first Startup Weekend IoT in Brazil.

Organizing team members:

Denver Team

Denver's Team 1

Denver's Team 2

Denver's Team 3

Florianópolis Team

Floripa'sTeam 1 Floripa's Team 2

Any extra things making these events special?

Denver Team: Of course, we would like to thank everyone who has helped us in organizing this amazing event. This includes all of the organizers, coaches, speakers, judges, our wonderful sponsors, the amazing Techstars support staff, and especially those who participate in creating new startups at this event. The Startup Weekend Denver | Internet of Things 2.0 event. We can not wait for this event to begin.

Florianópolis Team: We will provide many hardware equipments for the participants like Arduino, 3D printers and others. Also, we will make a real-time coverage of the event on social media channels and live stream through Periscope so that people can watch the pitches. On top of that, we will also have special gifts for all participants.

Editions Month Spotlight: Beverage Innovation

Whether you’re a craft brewer, coffee connoisseur, have a great idea for a new product, or the next innovator for beverage products you’re welcome to join Startup Weekend Tampa for their Beverage Edition during Editions Month, to build, launch, and startup!


We interviewed Stasha Johnston, Digital Marketing Director at Monin; a gourmet flavouring company created in 1912 at Bourges, France, that was born because its founder started delivering orange syrups to bars and restaurants by car. Now the company focuses on premium cocktail flavours and exports to 45 countries out of Tampa, having presence in over 140 countries.

Their innovation comes along with the statement, “You can go from ordinary to extraordinary,” which they achieve by adding to your regular beverage one of the more than 150 flavours offered in different options– syrups, sauces, purées or mixes.  

Stasha believes that “‘beverage industry’ and ‘innovation’ are two words that have to go hand in hand, because everyone is drinking beverages, and if an entrepreneur wants to enter the industry they will need to deliver intriguing and innovative solutions for consumers to feel engaged with a specific product.”

She says consumers are getting smarter, so companies need to have more awareness on who they are selling to, what kind of products they are creating, as well as delivering higher quality in every sense– ingredients, packaging, promotion. Her final advice for entrepreneurs joining the industry is to identify something they believe is special and move forward with the execution of the idea before the bigger companies find that trend, product, or service.

One of the major changes happening in the industry is the shift from carbonated beverages towards the focus on healthier and organic products.

The opportunities to reinvent the industry are everywhere; on April 1st, the Daily UK, published an article about 11 year-old Mikaila, a girl from Texas, who got an investment of $11 million from Whole Foods to sell her lemonade sweetened with honey.

The organizing team of Tampa’s Startup Weekend Beverage Edition is partnering with some of the best in the beverage, tech, and business communities to give you all the resources and advice you’ll need to launch your business in 54 hours. You can learn more about the event below.

What are you most excited about for your upcoming event?

We’re excited to see Tampa’s beverage community come together for this event! We’ve got a blooming beverage community here in Tampa and I know that we’re going to have some incredible businesses emerge from this event. We’re hoping to see everything from craft brewers, to new health drinks, to beverage products, to beverage tech at this edition.

What makes this Edition interesting?

This event is going to be a hub for beverage startups in the US. There aren’t many places you can go to gain this kind of exposure to other beverage enthusiasts and established players in the industry so this will be the ideal place to come and launch a new beverage related company.

Organizing team members:

Expect a ton of free samples during our event! For more information and to purchase tickets click here.

Editions Month Spotlight: When Kids Takeover Startup Weekend


When you were a kid, what was the closest you got to learning about business and starting a company? Having a lemonade stand, playing Monopoly, mowing lawns? As fun as that was, many of us didn’t have opportunities to be immersed in the real world experience of it. Nowadays, kids have events like Startup Weekend Youth where they can learn firsthand about building a business in just a few days. I wish this type of event was around when I was a kid!

At these events, attendees (usually middle schoolers through high schoolers) get to experience the energy and learnings that come with building an idea with a team. Of course, some things are changed to make it easier for the family schedule and to maintain their focus, but the core content stays the same. They pitch ideas, form teams with (mostly) strangers, and dive into a weekend of hard work. They’re working towards the same thing as adults do at this type of event – impressing the judges on Sunday evening in three categories: Business Model, Customer Validation, and Execution & Design.

I’ve experienced my fair share of Startup Weekend events from being an Organizer and Facilitator, but I have to say my favorite ones are the Youth events. The activity, eagerness, and excitement is steadfast and inspiring. It’s incredible to see the attendees go from pitching their ideas in front of peers (first time for most), to answering tough questions from the judges!

These opportunities are empowering for all the kids involved. Check out the Youth events happening around the world during Startup Weekend Editions Month:

Campeche, Mexico

Tirana, Albania

Recife, Brazil

Accra, Ghana

If there’s an event near you, sign your children up! They may resist giving up their weekend at first, but afterwards you won’t stop hearing about their new skills and the fun they had.

Or, talk to your school about holding one. We’ve seen two events in Seattle held by schools recently and it’s a great way for students and the local community to interact outside the classrooms and learn about entrepreneurship.

Editions Month Spotlight: Environment & Sustainability

The world is going green. As humanity faces problems of ecological degradation due to energy guzzling machinery and gadgets, and a piling mound of discarded ones, it makes sense to mend old ways and reinvent the ways we do things.

It is also time to fundamentally rethink the role of agricultural knowledge, science and technology in achieving equitable development, and sustainability. Today’s world is a place of uneven development, unsustainable use of natural resources, worsening impact of climate change, and continued poverty and malnutrition.

Image taken from e27.co

During Editions Month, we will host some themed Startup Weekends that aim to solve environmental and sustainability issues through startups focused on eco-technology, as well as products and processes that help this green wave grow further. The areas of focuses varies from waste management to eco-tourism, to organic farming, and so on. On the weekend of May 6th, Melbourne’s organizing team will host Startup Weekend Sustainability Edition and Beirut’s on May 13th, Startup Weekend Environmental Edition, you can learn more about both events below:

What makes this Edition interesting?

Melbourne Team: Bringing all things awesome about Startup Weekend to people who want to make a difference in the area of sustainability but who have no idea where to begin.  The original motivation for such an event was created to address the issue of providing people a platform to realise these ideas and to be a part of something bigger than themselves. The spirit and entrepreneurial style of Startup Weekend mixed with the “I want to make a difference but don’t know how” is a perfect match.

​Beirut Team: This edition is one of the most interesting subjects on earth at all times. Our environment is nothing to be taken lightly and the planet is in rem need for help from all of us, entrepreneurs first. It is a subject that not only concerns Beirut, it concerns everyone. On a note, it specifically touches Beirut as our country is currently in a waste crisis and on the verge of becoming toxic to live, so we are hoping the lovely green entrepreneurs help us prevent this from happening.

What are you most excited about for your upcoming event?

Melbourne Team: The event is an opportunity for people to come together to create the possibility of making a real difference in sustainability and the environment.  Not only does this particular event stand to provide all of the normal awesome things of Startup Weekend, but it has the potential to really make a difference in one of the major issues facing the entire planet today.  We hope that participants get all of the great things they usually get out of Startup Weekend and leave empowered and inspired to make a real impact in the world through a sustainability based business or project.  It is these people that will make the difference, we’re just providing the structure and access for them to be able to realise their own possibilities.

Beirut Team: The thing I’m most excited about is the startups that will come to life, I can’t wait to see the ideas they have, those that will solve waste problems and help the environment become better. I’m interested in seeing how they’ll tackle the challenges to go from ideas into a working model, and how they’ll incorporate and optimize those startups in their communities.

Organizing teams:

Melbourne, Australia

Beirut Team:


Any final thoughts?

Melbourne Team: We hope that we can cause other “Sustainability” themed Startup Weekends throughout the world as we know there are so many people dying for an opportunity to be a part of something like this (and if anyone wants to help us cause a sustainability based Startup Weekend, please be in contact so we can help!)

Beirut Team: ​The thing making this event special is that the EU is sponsoring and facilitating environmental solutions and impact on the society will happen because of it. The EU’s goal is to help the entrepreneurial scene in Beirut, Lebanon​. On the other hand, the entire startup, entrepreneurial and green ecosystems are all on board for this event which makes it rich in content and relevance.

For more information about these Startup Weekend events go to:

Melbourne Startup Weekend Sustainability Beirut Startup Weekend Environment

Top 5 Startup Weekend Themes During Editions Month 2016


This May we’ll be celebrating our second Editions Month – an initiative created in response to the growing organic demand from the community to bring the magic of Startup Weekend to new industries and audiences. Startup Weekend Edition events run just like any other Startup Weekend – but are focused on a certain theme, industry or audience. These type of events increase the diversity of the community by pulling in new attendees, organizers, stakeholders, and sponsors with new areas of expertise.

During the entire month, organizers all around the world will be holding over 100 events, highlighting over 50 different editions! We’ll be highlighting trends, stories, and experiences from these events over the next few weeks. Let’s take a look at the Top Editions featured at events during Editions Month.

#5. Healthcare

These events focus on the healthcare industry and the ways it can impact patients and doctors, from emergency services to insurance providers. Over the years, entrepreneurs have jumped into new industries to disrupt this industry even more with innovations such as healthcare tracking apps and wearables.

Health – Tours, France

MedTech – Lyon, France

#4. Environment

Entrepreneurs want to change the world and help solve environmental issues through this theme. Some startups can be focused on specific niches, such as clean fuels and efficient electronics manufacturing, while others could take a consumer-focused approach, providing easy-to-use tools to help everyone make environmentally friendly choices.

Sustainability / Environment – Melbourne, Australia

Environment – Beirut, Lebanon

Clean Tech – Bremmen, Germany

EcoTechnologies and e-Agriculture – Orleans, France

#3. Youth

Startup Weekend Youth Edition is specially designed for the next generation of entrepreneurs. The event format is similar to a normal Startup Weekend, but some things are changed up just for the kids. Organizers create an atmosphere of exercises and experiences that will inspire the young minds and help them learn how to move ideas forward towards action, and in the process, collaborate with their peers. 

Youth – Tirana, Albania

Youth – Mendoza, Argentina

Youth – Recife, Brazil

#2. Internet of Things and Smart Cities

This theme is meant for startups that are rewiring the infrastructure of the future with specific emphasis on focuses such as software and artificial intelligence, smart cities and energy, VR, AR, the connected home, and more! These events are all about getting connected.

Smart Cities – Asunción, Paraguay

Virtual Reality – Valencia, Spain

Smart City – Columbus, OH, USA

Smart Cities – Jaraguá do Sul, Brazil

IoT – Denver, CO, USA

IoT – Florianópolis – Brazil

#1. Education

If what you are seeking is to improve education, Startup Weekend EDU events are made just for that! These events are for teachers, designers, techies, parents, entrepreneurs, students, and anyone who wants to contribute their ideas and skills to improve education.

EDU – New Orleans, LA, USA

EDU – Phnom Penh, Cambodia

EDU – Auckland, New Zealand

EDU – Chicago, IL, USA

EDU – Juiz de Flora, Brazil

EDU – Miami, FL, USA

EDU – Orlando, FL, USA

EDU – Nairobi, Kenya


Editions Month kicks off this weekend, April 29th! Check out the Startup Weekends happening near you!

Editions Month 2015: The Wrap-Up

This May we set out to do something new in our communities around the world. We wanted to discover more of what Organizers were already doing – creating new editions of Startup Weekend focusing on industries, themes, and audiences.

The inaugural Editions Month in May was created to empower Community Leaders to shine a spotlight on what made their community special, discover an industry ripe for innovation, or give new audiences access to entrepreneurship. Organizers took Startup Weekend to new heights of collaboration and innovation, all around the world!

Along the way, Organziers gave light to new industries, opened new doors for new ages, and helped budding entrepreneurs explore a new range of ideas. Their efforts reached over 60 cities and 28 countries all within the month of May! Check out the snapshot below and view the entire Editions Month 2015 Wrap-Up here.

View Entire Wrap-Up