Rover: My Small Business Story

Picture this: you are about to leave on vacation. You’re packing your bags, scrambling to find the perfect swimsuit for your evening plunges off the coast of Hawaii. Nothing could ruin the high of ABOUT to be getting on a plane.

Oh wait, here comes the gloomiest puppy you have ever seen. He slowly drags his paws along the hardwood floor and sits loyally in your suitcase; he bows his head ever so slightly so his little eyes appear much bigger than ever before. OH THAT SADNESS!

How will you ever leave him at your mother-in-laws? She is SUCH a cat lady.

Enter Rover.

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Rover won Startup Weekend back in 2011 with a vision to provide trusted pet sitters in every city. And boy, did they do just that!

“My friends love their big dogs. I love my 4 lb. Pom. The one thing we all agreed on was how hard it was to find trusted, loving dog sitters even when begging friends. And we weren’t alone! Our research showed most dogs are family members, so finding a dog sitter is as important as a baby sitter,” said Aaron Easterly, CEO of Rover.

Fast forward to 2013. Rover now has over 25,000 verified dog sitters (and counting) who strive to deliver a 5-star experience: catering to each dogs needs, in a loving home, at an affordable price.

And now, this Startup Weekend alum is nominated to win the greatest prize of them all. A Super Bowl commercial. Yep, you read right. A SUPER BOWL COMMERCIAL.

For most startups and small businesses, funds are limited, so they must be extra creative on how to break through the noise. Intuit is hosting a “Small Business Big Game” competition that allows small businesses to enter for a chance to win a Super Bowl commercial. Many will enter, but only one will win – lets support our community and help Rover win!


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