Startup Weekend Alum Has Donated 3,000 meals, Picked up 13 Retails Stores and Landed a Deal with Kroger!

This post is written by David Khoshpasand, Co-Founder of Feed The Fire Candles – Empowering communities to alleviate hunger in their area.

Startup Weekend

In April of 2013, I came to the Harrisonburg Startup Weekend as an aspiring entrepreneur with immense passion and drive looking to ignite a path for greatness.

My hopes were to be able to network and create a legitimate business within 48 hours. The challenge was intriguing and off the bat I felt something special would happen. I was fortunate enough to become team members with a gentleman named Andrew, who had a fascinating idea for helping people. Feed the Fire Candles was born.

Startup Weekend

For each candle purchased, we would donate food in the area. Subsequent to choosing team members, the work NEVER STOPPED!! We stayed up Friday and Saturday nights working endlessly on Feed the Fire Candles. Although we did not win the competition, our hard work and grinding paid off! We networked intensely that weekend and assured everyone at Startup Weekend that our company would continue to move forward.

6 months later, we have donated close to 3,000 meals and counting, picked up 13 retail stores, and recently landed a deal with a major retailer, Kroger! 

Startup Weekend

Our mission is to empower communities to alleviate hunger in their area. For each candle you purchase, Feed the Fire Candles donates the equivalent of at least four meals of food to your local community, with goals to one day end hunger in America.

Feed The Fire Candles strives to provide a path to reduce hunger within the United States, beginning at a local level. We aim to not only create an elevated awareness about domestic hunger, but provide our customers with a unique, quality, and environmentally conscious product. Also, a rewarding sense of social responsibility.

Startup WeekendStartup Weekend

Every decision that is made at Feed the Fire Candles considers not only sound business sense, but the most efficient way to serve the cause at large. We focus on providing as much aid as possible to those that are in need of food donations. Donations are made by portions of proceeds from candle sales through such venues as retail outlets, online sales, fundraisers, and events.

Founded in May 2013, Feed the Fire Candles launched with tremendous support from every local community that we’ve visited. Based out of Harrisonburg, VA, Feed the Fire has quickly expanded to Staunton, VA, Lexington, VA, Waynesboro, VA, Buena Vista, VA, and Lancaster, PA. Our goal is to have candles for sale in most major retailers throughout the northeast region of the United States.

Startup weekend was an amazing platform and experience for us entrepreneurs.  The coaching, mentoring, and networking truly permitted the birth of our company in an innovative way!

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