Your Winners: The Greatest Hashtag Battle In History

As the final hours in Global Startup Battle close in, we thought we would get the party started early and award the prize for the top cities in our 2nd annual Hashtag Battle. We added this battle to GSB last year and what a lot of fun it has been.

In fact, let’s take a quick look back at 2013 for reference:

 Last year’s numbers (2013)

city rank

Impressive. About 3 years ago we started tracking every single event hashtag via SimplyMeasured (a great local startup that is now the leader in social analytics) and we typically see anywhere from 300-2,000 tweets on a regular weekend hashtag throughout the year, resulting in average of 3-5 million impressions.

During GSB, those averages are blown out of the water, you guys are determined! The amount of photos, stories, inspiration, encouragement, and yes, some trash talk has been amazing for our team to watch throughout these two weeks. It offers us a window into things that are happening across the world we wouldn’t otherwise have. For that, we can’t thank you all enough for being a part, we hope you enjoyed the view as well.


Now, our winners for 2014. As you may know, we’ve put up a prize for the hashtag battle for the first time. That will be a trip for 3 members of the Organizing team in the winning city to UP Summit, our annual meeting of global Community Leaders. It includes flights, as well as hotel room and most meals! We also planned to host a happy hour in the winning city for all the participants.

Unfortunately, we’re not doing that anymore. 

Because we’re hosting one in EACH of the top FIVE cities instead! After seeing how hard all of you worked, we just didn’t feel right about one city getting all the goods. Every single city that participated is certainly a winner, but as a reward for their incredible participation, the Top 5 will all get a sponsored party/happy hour.

Organizers, we’ll be in touch shortly, we’re still in the midst of the contest portion of GSB still, so things are hectic, but we’ll have the details to you shortly.

Without further ado, here they are, the final Top 10. Congratulations to you all!

2014 Results

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 5.00.18 PM

Congratulations to Giza, Toulon, Lyon, Amman, and Lille. If you look at this year’s numbers compared to 2013, you’ll note that the winner last year would have placed just 7th!

Great Tweets



Calling All Education Entrepreneurs: The Largest Startup Competition in the World Wants You

November sure is a special time of year! Not only did President Obama officially declare it National Entrepreneurship Month, but the largest startup competition in the world, Global Startup Battle (GSB), is just nine days away! Taking place November 14-23rd, GSB 2014 marks the first time education entrepreneurs will have their own track within the competition to showcase their latest and greatest innovations. Titled Education, Empowered Track, nine of the biggest players in the edtech industry will be joining the public to determine the most promising new edtech startup of the competition.


The Largest Startup Competition in the World

Every year during Global Entrepreneurship Week, UP Global, gives entrepreneurs in over 250 cities around the world the opportunity to compete for prizes designed to help them move their startup forward. The competition is called Global Startup Battle (GSB), and past and present partners include Google, Coca Cola, Amazon, Sprint, Bigcommerce, and more. With over 30,000 people taking part this year, it will easily be our biggest GSB ever! Check out last year’s winners, as well as the GSB 2013 infographic, and be sure to visit the website to find out more about what you can expect from GSB this year.

The Education, Empowered Track is GSB’s First Education-Focused Contest

This year, Education Entrepreneurs and General Assembly are proud to be co-hosting the first ever Education, Empowered Track within GSB. Thousands of people at 10 Startup Weekend Education (SWEDU) events and over 200 general Startup Weekend events will be participating, and we expect more than 300 teams to be building solutions for education over the span of just 10 days. Ideas will be judged on four categories: Education Impact, User Experience, Execution, and Validation. (See here for full judging criteria). If you’re feeling disappointed by the current education offerings, have an idea to make things better, or want to contribute to the movement to innovate and improve education, then participating in the Education, Empowered Track is a great step for you to take.

Powerhouse Sponsors, Judges, and Prize Packages are Included

This year, we’re excited to announce that General Assembly is the official sponsor of the Education, Empowered Track. As one of the largest and most successful education organization’s in the world, General Assembly is excited to work with education entrepreneurs during GSB to improve the way people learn, increase access to education, and ensure that everyone is empowered to be a thinker and maker.

The Judges are also incredible! New Schools Venture Fund, Pearson Affordable Learning Fund, Edsurge, Class Dojo, and the Institute for Global and Online Education have all joined General Assembly to ensure participants get the opportunity to showcase their products to some of the biggest influencers in the space of education innovation. (See the full list of judges here).

$20,000 USD in General Assembly Courses, $5,000 USD Living Stipend, One-on-One Mentoring Sessions, 40 Hours of Support, Legal Startup Kit, and Social Media Super Powers. This is the current prize package, and there’s still more coming in every week! Organizations are eager to reward the brightest minds coming together to improve education, so be sure to check back before November 14th to see what awesome prizes are added!

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Anyone Can Participate

The GSB competition begins with a Startup Weekend event taking place during the 10-day span of GSB (November 14th-23rd). Dispersed throughout the world, these events welcome anyone and everyone to dabble in the world of entrepreneurship and work as a team to build an innovating new product and startup. Startup Weekend is known as the weekend-long experiential learning event that helps people turn their idea into a startup in less than 54 hours. The motto is No Talk, All Action, so if you have an idea that you want to pitch, or a desire to contribute your skills and ideas to an existing team, be sure to sign up to participate, before spots run out.

10 Startup Weekend Education (SWEDU) Events Are Taking Place During GSB

Anyone participating in a Startup Weekend event during GSB, who builds an edtech startup over the weekend, is eligible to participate in the Education, Empowered Track. It’s important to note that there are two types of Startup Weekend events: general Startup Weekend events are referred to as such, whereas Startup Weekend Education events are often times referred to as SWEDU. The elements that make a SWEDU event different from a Startup Weekend is that 25% of the participants are educators, all the Coaches and Judges at the event are experts in education and education technology, and all ideas being worked on over the weekend are specifically focused on solving an education problem. Both types of Startup Weekend events will be taking place during GSB, so irrespective of which type you sign up for, as long as you’re developing an education solution, you’re automatically eligible to participate in the Education, Empowered Track.

Here is a list of all GSB events, and below you’ll find the 10 events that are specifically SWEDUs.

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Education Entrepreneurship is Year-Round

Anyone who wants to innovate education gets a unique opportunity to participate in a Startup Weekend or SWEDU event during GSB and compete for awesome prizes and major international exposure! However, we want to make sure you know and understand that the opportunity to utilize entrepreneurship to solve problems in education is something you can do year-round. Education Entrepreneurs is the official community within UP Global that specifically focuses on leveraging entrepreneurship to improve education outcomes.

Recognizing that people aiming to innovate education face unique problems that require unique solutions, Education Entrepreneurs has created a suite of programs to specifically help education entrepreneurs along their journey. Programs include SWEDU, Startup Digest Education, bootcamps, meetups, resources, and a global network of Community Leaders who are eager to help. Located in all six major continents, Education Entrepreneurs makes it easy for anyone, anywhere to play an active role in shaping the future of education.

Learn more about the Education, Empowered Track

Check out what else is going on at Global Startup Battle

Follow all the Education, Empowered action on Twitter using hashtag #GSBedu

Got questions? Email

Conoce todo del Global Startup Battle 2014!


Esta iniciativa creada por Startup Weekend, busca generar una comunidad de emprendedores global más fuerte, a través de la competencia de startups más grande del mundo. Durante el fin de semana previo y el siguiente a la  Semana Global de Emprendimiento, cientos de Startup Weekends y otros programas de UP Global son organizados alrededor del mundo y los equipos ganadores de cada evento, continúan para competir entre ellos a través de una competencia de video global. La Batalla Global de Startups enriquece la comunidad de emprendimiento, creando un sentido de inclusión entre los equipos de cada startup alrededor del mundo.

¿Cómo puedo traer la Batalla Global de Startups a mi ciudad?

Organiza un Startup Weekend en los fines de semana de Noviembre 14 o 21 y automáticamente serás incluido en la batalla. Tus participantes tendrán un número de maneras de competir por premios, oportunidades de mentoría, viajes y más. Además de Startup Weekend, tenemos otras maneras de involucramiento este año. Para conocer más, envía un correo a y te enviaremos más información!

Te presentamos las ciudades registradas (hasta el momento):

NOTA: Si no ves tu ciudad aquí, es porque:

  • El evento está en las primeras etapas de planeación para ser “oficial”. Si eres un organizador y no ves tu ciudad, pero has estado en contacto con nuestro equipo y/o has completado la aplicación, no tienes que preocuparte.  Continúa trabajando en el evento y nosotros actualizaremos la lista y ahí veras tu evento como oficial.
  • Todavía no hay un plan. Si este es el caso y tu quieres traer la Global Startup Batle a tu ciudad, tienes dos opciones. Si nos dices que estás interesado en la organización del evento, llenando esta aplicación y haciendo click en la opicón de “I’d like to help bring GSB to my city.”  O, presentándonos sa alguien en tu ciudad que sería un excelente organizador. Envía un correo a
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