Techstars APAC Regional Summit

The top startup community leaders from Asia are coming together for the Techstars APAC Summit in Singapore on August 18th – 21st.

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Empowering Entrepreneurs and Building Communities in Asia Pacific

As the Asia Pacific region is growing into a global center for innovation, there’s an increasing challenge of how to offer the best resources for new startup communities. Oko Davaasuren, Techstars Regional Director in APAC, and Anurag Maloo, Techstars Regional Manager in APAC, answer questions on how Techstars is working to help inspire entrepreneurs in the region.

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What is your vision for Techstars and building communities in Asia Pacific?

For some of you who don’t have a larger view of Techstars, this question comes up a lot as I’m traveling to different countries.

Techstars has three distinct parts to it. The first part is our startup programs, which includes Startup Weekend, Startup Week, and Startup Digest. These give access, education, and exposure to the communities or ecosystems.

The second part is what Techstars is mainly known for, which is our mentorship-driven accelerator programs. We’re running about 29 of these accelerators all around the world.

The third part of the business is the venture arm, which invests in startups that mainly go through our accelerator program and maybe some outside. Those are the three main pillars of Techstars as an organization.

We are running startup programs in about 28 countries out of 50 plus in Asia Pacific. We are running about 500 programs, including the bootcamps and other editions of our startup programs. We’re seeing about 10-20 percent growth year-by-year.

With that said, although we run thousands of Startup Weekends around the world, there are a lot of people we haven’t reached. You hear people who have been touched by these programs and know the impact of these programs in their communities. These people know how awesome it is.

The mission here is, “how can we share this awesome experience with as many people as possible?” We literally get to change people’s lives.

In the simplest terms, we want to enable and empower individuals in communities all around the world.

We want to continue doing that, because there’s so much still to go, especially in Asia. Economic growth is here and it’s the frontier of everything. This is where people need access, power, and exposure more than anywhere else.

Besides that, we’re not just talking about the individual impact programs, but as a collective of accelerators and the investing arm, we’re trying to help ecosystems in Asia Pacific to grow so that the true values of Techstars are materialized.

Entrepreneurs should be everywhere. You should be able to build your startup wherever you are from or where ever you are. But in order for that to happen, your ecosystem needs to grow and have all the right elements to be able to provide the environment for people to do that.

With the collective, our goal is to basically make Asia Pacific better than Silicon Valley or become an iteration of Silicon Valley by finding the strength of ecosystems to help it grow.

We have a lot of work to do.

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Techstars Expands to Asia-Pacific with Techstars Adelaide

Techstars increases our global footprint with our first Asia-Pacific based accelerator in Australia – Techstars Adelaide

Techstars Adelaide will support early-stage companies advancing applications in Internet of things (IoT), big data, sensors and robotics, with potential to develop and commercialize technologies related to the defense and security sectors.  

Defense research has driven some of the most transformative consumer innovation the world has seen, from the internet and GPS to superglue and digital photography.

Located in Adelaide, the state capital of South Australia, the program will connect 10 startups from all over the world to an established Techstars network of community leaders, founders, mentors, investors and corporate partners including seven of the world’s best companies: BAE, Thales, Austal, SAAB, ASC, Rheinmetall and DCNS.

Companies selected for the program will gain access to some of the most advanced technologies and advanced research through our partners. They will also collaborate with accomplished leaders working to advance the capabilities of a host of technologies being developed by the defense and security industries.

Adelaide is poised to become a global center of excellence for the defense sector with over $100 billion worth of major industry projects in the pipeline. Recent investment in innovation in South Australia includes a $230 million Center for Defense Industry Capability backed by the Australian Federal Government.

Applications for Techstars Adelaide are open. The program will run beginning in July 2017. Apply today.

Dear Community Leader: A Look at our APAC Summit

Dear (Amazing) Community Leader,

Thank you for doing what you do. Your passion, enthusiasm and sincerity in the work you do inspires me, every day, to continue doing the work I do.

Coming together this past week in beautiful Bohol, Philippines was more amazing than I can put into words. This year, more than 80 of you from over 20 countries joined us – and it was awesome. Community programs led by true community leaders are essential to building strong and thriving startup ecosystems – and I saw nothing short of that last week. Each of you shared deeply diverse and extraordinary stories from your communities, showing us just how much the work we all do matters.

I am so happy that every year we get an opportunity to come together and connect in person, because as much as connecting with you online throughout the year is awesome, nothing beats seeing you in person and listening to your journeys and stories and goals together.

I am so proud of the inclusive, happy, global community we are building. When we collaborate with each other, there are no bounds to what we can achieve together.

You inspire me. You keep me going. Keep doing what you do.


Your Community Building Partner-In-Crime.