This New Venue Will Conquer You For Good

There is this one place in Timisoara where magic happens.

No, really.

You know that feeling when you go somewhere nice, where all the nice people go and you wake up a couple of hours later, wondering if time flies?


Well, that’s Ambasada.

Reputed as the latest-cool-place-for-cool-people-in-town, Ambasada is the place where not only magic happens, but also creative and fun stuff, too.

Concerts, movies, crafting workshops, uber-productive meetings of Startup Weekend Timisoara organizers, yoga classes and many more interesting activities to get people together to spend quality time.

The co-working space upstairs for crafty & artsie people welcomes all the creative people, whether with artistic skills or not. We will be spending most of our time at Startup Weekend in this place.

Downstairs, a large space filled with coffee scent and chillout music makes room for friendly talks and leisure hangouts. The meeting room in the left is usually booked for more serious matters, such as debating on what colour your T-shirt should have at this edition.


Many have asked us what’s with this new place after three editions hosted in the same welcoming co-working space of Timisoara Startup Hub. The truth is that we wanted to embrace the startup culture and be spontaneous in our approach. Their motto is #dream #create #enjoy: we consider that this is the proper attitude for the next Startup Weekend experience, too!

Not to mention that the staff at Ambasada is made out of friendly and open-minded people who really know how to make awesome coffee. And it’s for non-smokers, which makes it even cooler.

You don’t have to take our word. You can pay Ambasada a visit whenever you want, during the week. But one can truly feel this vibe we’ve been talking about at Timisoara Startup Weekend 4th edition.