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Melantha Hodge is the recent founder of 1OFAKIND Entertainment, a marketing and entertainment consulting business. She has years of experience within the music and entertainment industry as a marketing professional, having worked with ASCAP, Chris Brown Entertainment, The Tina Davis Company, Universal Motown Records and Title 9 Productions.

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What marketing advice can you give to emerging musicians?

1) Surround yourself with a strong team that has your best interests in mind. You can have all the talent, but if you don’t have a great team in place to help you navigate through your career, then your journey will be more difficult. Teamwork makes the dream work!

2) Develop your vision from the beginning. Do your best to figure out what direction you want to go with in regards to your music and your overall image. When you have a clear vision of how you want to be presented, it will allow for your team to come up with a plan to market you effectively while staying true to your artistry.

3) Strive to create a “buzz” on your own accord. Nowadays, record labels and industry executives are paying attention to the musicians that are garnering recognition and generating a fan base through their own promotional efforts. They want to see first-hand that you are marketable.

4) Focus on building your online presence across all social media platforms. Social media continues to lead the way in being cost efficient and serves as an instant outlet to promote your music and your overall brand. Followers, Likes, Subscribers, etc. definitely play an instrumental role in today’s entertainment world.

5) Keep on networking. You never know who you may come across that sees your potential and is willing to help you. The entertainment business is very competitive and meeting the right people can give you that extra push you may need.

Can you share a bit about projects you’ve worked on with famous musicians (highlights, lessons learned, major campaigns, most exciting, etc.)?


In the very beginning of my career, I had the opportunity to work alongside Chris Brown and his management team. When I first started working with Chris, I told my family, friends, and colleagues how extremely talented Chris was and to look out for him. However, most didn’t pay attention. Two months later, Chris had the number one single in the country, “Run It”, and his career took off tremendously! My life was soon immersed in “Chris Brown World” literally, and with that came a whirlwind of great experiences which followed. I played an instrumental role in the launch of his career during that first year he was introduced to the world.

Another highlight of my journey thus far in the music field was getting the opportunity to work at Universal Motown Records where I was involved with numerous marketing projects for esteemed artists. I contributed to the album release campaigns for Akon, Erykah Badu, Busta Rhymes, Ashanti, and Kid Cudi. I also worked on several developing artist projects that were rewarding, but it was also a challenge to garner the momentum needed to make a big impact. Working at Universal Motown Records provided me with invaluable experience and knowledge of the inner workings of a major record label, its department functions, and how to work effectively with a variety of talent and their respective teams.

During my time at Universal Motown, I was introduced to the new artist Melanie Fiona and became an instant fan. I loved being hands-on with her project and developed a great rapport with her management team. Fast-forward to a couple years later, I was approached by Title 9 Productions to join their team, and soon engulfed my efforts into the release of Melanie’s second album “The MF Life”. It was on this album that I received my first Marketing credit.

Startup Weekend, UP Global

One of my most exciting experiences was when I had the opportunity to travel overseas to work on Chris Brown’s Carpe Diem World Tour in 2012. It was such an amazing opportunity traveling to different countries throughout Europe, Dubai, and South Africa. That was my first time visiting all of those countries, and it was definitely eye-opening to experience the various cultures and to witness the fans going crazy at every show.

Most recently, I have been working diligently alongside my Title 9 Productions team and serve as the Day-To-Day Manager and Road Manager for LeToya Luckett. I have built a great working relationship with LeToya, and we continue to push forward as we are gearing up for the release of her new album. Over the past couple of years, I have overseen numerous campaigns, shows both in the United States and abroad, events, and other great opportunities pertaining to LeToya’s career.

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  • Steve Messa

    Thanks for this great article. When developing the vision for your band/artist, should you take customer/audience feedback into consideration, or would you recommend more of a gut instinct? In my experience with music, we always knew what sound and image we wanted, but now in my experience with technology startups, I’m thinking it may be more effective to create your band’s sound and image with the help of user feedback. You know, test the market and then adapt. To some this might take the “art” out of things and makes it more business focused, but music and commerce have always had a symbiotic relationship. Perhaps some of more contrived pop acts are already subjected to these processes.