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We’re gearing up for the largest activity of Startup Weekend events all year – Global Startup Battle November 13-22! Cities from around the world are getting their community into the fun and on the map. We released the first round of GSB 2015 cities already, now take a look at who else is joining us!

There’s still time to be a part of GSB 2015! Let us know!

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Country City
Albania Tirana
Algeria Annaba
Algeria Alger
Argentina Cordoba
Argentina Buenos Aires
Australia Gold Coast
Australia Perth
Australia Cairns
Australia Toowoomba
Australia Byron Bay
Bahrain Bahrain
Bangladesh Dhaka
Bangladesh Dhaka
Belgium Brussels
Belgium Ostend
Bolivia Cochabamba
Bolivia La Paz
Brazil Natal
Brazil Sorocaba
Brazil Bauru
Brazil Lajeado
Brazil Rio de Janeiro
Brazil Florianópolis
Brazil Sobral
Brazil Belo Horizonte
Brazil Palmas
Brazil Rio Branco
Brazil Recife
Brazil Maceió
Brazil Curitiba
Cambodia Phnom Penh
Cameroon Douala
Canada Hamilton
Canada London
Canada Quebec
Canada Sherbrooke
Canada Shawinigan
Canada Montreal
Canada Ottawa-Gatineau
Canada Okanagan
Canada Vancouver
Cape Verde Praia
Cape Verde Mindelo
Chile Osorno
China Ningbo
China Hangzhou
Colombia Tuluá
Colombia Pasto
Colombia Barrancabermeja
Colombia Medellín
Colombia Santa Marta
Colombia Bogota
Costa Rica San José
Cote d’Ivoire Abidjan
Democratic Republic of the Congo Kinshasa
Denmark Copenhagen
Egypt Almonofiya
Egypt Minia
Finland Helsinki
France Paris
France Strasbourg
France Lyon
France Metz
France Avignon
France Lille
France Grenoble
France Clermont-Ferrand
Germany Rhein-Neckar
Germany Stuttgart
Germany Chemnitz
Guam Mangilao
Honduras San Pedro Sula
Hong Kong Hong Kong
Hungary Budapest
India Bangalore
India Hyderabad
Indonesia Bali
Indonesia Jakarta
Iran Zanjan
Iran Arak
Iran Shahrbabak
Iran Sanandaj
Iran Qazvin
Iran Tehran
Iran Kermanshah
Iran Gorgan
Iran Mashhad
Iran Isfahan
Iran Ahvaz
Iran Neyshabur
Iraq Erbil
Ireland Dublin
Israel Haifa
Italy Roma
Italy Messina
Italy Bari
Italy Bolzano-Bozen
Italy Pavia
Italy Napoli
Jamaica Kingston
Japan Sapporo
Jordan Amman
Latvia Liepaja
Latvia Ventspils
Latvia Riga
Luxembourg Luxembourg
Macedonia Skopje
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
Mexico Guadalajara
Mexico Torreón
Mexico Ciudad del Carmen
Mexico Mexico City
Mexico Mexico City
Mexico Guaymas
Mongolia Ulaanbaatar
Morocco Casablanca
Mozambique Maputo
Nepal Kathmandu
Netherlands Utrecht
New Zealand Tauranga
Nicaragua Managua
Nigeria abuja
Norway Bergen
Palestine Ramallah
Peru Lima
Philippines Iloilo
Philippines Santa Rosa City
Philippines Davao
Senegal Dakar
Serbia Novi Sad
Spain Valencia
Spain Galicia
Spain Sevilla
Spain Córdoba
Spain Santander
Spain Burgos
Taiwan Taipei
Thailand Bangkok
UK Milton Keynes
UK Lancaster
UK Sheffield
UK Swansea
UK Exeter
Ukraine Odessa
Ukraine Kiev
United Arab Emirates Dubai
USA Eugene
USA Irvine
USA Pasadena
USA Saint Louis
USA Somerville
USA Portland
USA Four Corners (Farmington)
USA Denton
USA Tampa
USA Las Cruces
USA Cape Girardeau
USA Missoula
USA Hungtington
USA Charlottesville
USA Austin
USA Corvallis
USA Santa Fe
USA Lafayette
USA Albuquerque
USA Fall River
USA Boise Valley
USA Springfield
USA Phoenix
USA West Palm Beach
USA Fort Worth
USA Seattle
USA Columbus
USA Cedar Falls
USA Columbia
USA Greencastle
USA San Mateo
USA Iowa City
USA Las Vegas
USA Fredericksburg
USA Kansas City
USA San Diego
USA Sacramento
USA Honolulu
USA Stillwater
USA Summit County
USA Daytona Beach
USA Santa Clarita
USA Spokane
USA Chandler
USA Cincinnati
USA Council Bluffs
USA Lexington
USA Minot
USA Quad Cities
Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City
Zambia Chipata

NOTE: If you don’t see your city here it is because:

  • Your event is still too early in the planning stages to be ‘official’ just yet. If you’re an Organizer and don’t see your city, but have been in touch with one of our team and/or filled out the application, no need to worry. Continue working through the event planning process and we’ll update the list as yours is made official.
  • There’s no event in your city planned yet. If this is the case and you want GSB in your city, there are two options. Tell us you’re interested in organizing an event by filling out this application. Or, introduce us to someone in your city that would be a great Organizer! Simply send an intro email to gsb@techstars.com and we’ll take it from there!

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