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We had a go at the 5 why’s to attend a Startup Weekend event here. We are asked a lot about what ideas, projects and teams succeed to “graduate” from Startup Weekend. Here are some, and what we’d like to add to this that Startup Weekend is more than an event where you can start your next Facebook. Startup Weekend is an educational event that will actually teach you how to transform an idea into a business any time in the future.

That’s why we thought about coming up with some reasons about why your idea won’t succeed at Startup Weekend and why that’s quite OK. 

  1. You’ll learn how to pivot, and thus your idea will change.

The learning experience is off the charts. The best way to learn something is to actually do it. And this is what we focus at Startup Weekend. We’ll teach you how to identify your customers and then go to ask for real feedback to see if your product really is useful to them. Many times, it will turn out that what you thought is not what your clients want. And that’s quite ok, based on what you learned, you can pivot – keep parts of your initial idea that work, change and adapt what’s not ok.


  1. There will be The Team you’ll want to join and drop your idea

At the end of the day it’s all about the team. We strongly think that if you’ve got the proper team you can pretty much accomplish anything. You’ll be working in teams (no less the 3) and you are also going to understand how startup life is. And it won’t be about one being a CEO and the others doing the work 🙂

If you manage to find the people with whom you clicked from the first minute you’ve met, the idea don’t matter that much – with the perfect cofounder you can move mountains, so don’t let them go.

  1. It’s only a nice dream but not a business

It might be the case you’d notice that there’s no way you can monetize your idea. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. It’s just that you can make a business out if it in that state. And is a lot better to realize that early so you won’t spend your energy, time and money on something with little chances to succeed. Better to get over it and focus on the next big idea.

  1. You’ll be talking to all those awesome people and won’t have time to work.

    Being a community is all about interaction and meeting everyone. There’s a pretty cool line-up of mentors at Startup Weekend that are there to help and guide you. All of them have really great stories to tell. Make sure you balance your time in order to talk to the mentors and organizers. More important, mingle with the other participants outside your team.

Tip: before the event starts & lunch times are usually the best for networking.


  1. Don’t just have an idea.. And keep it for yourself. Share it with the world!

You’ll miss the chance to pitch your idea, thinking it’s not good enough or somebody else will steal it.

Usually ⅓ of the participants at a Startup Weekend pitch an idea. We encourage you to help increase that ratio. No matter how crazy your idea is, no matter what it is about, pitch it! You’ll learn a lot more if you do and you won’t have to wonder what would have happened if you’d have pitched 🙂

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This is not a blogpost that wants to make you not believe in yourself, but to help you realize there are a lot many other opportunities out there and it’s up to you if you want to take the value out of them. Remember, we’re all about entrepreneurship and education at Startup Weekend Timisoara. We will encourage you and we’re here to help.

Andrei Munteanu Andrei Munteanu
Tech-savvy traveler. I’m a guy with a Computer Science background who found a really cool environment in Startup Weekend. I’ve first participated at a Startup Weekend in 2013. It was a really awesome experience and that’s why I decided to be part of this great movement and the impact it has on local communities. It’s a really cool experience, you get to learn a lot and meet many great people. Startup Weekend Global Facilitator with lots of energy!