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The revolution of the Internet of Things (IoT) has already started. All the smart devices in your home, sensored and app loaded objects in your life are all part of the IoT. From home and personal use to industrial focus, the industry has risen even more powerfully during the past decade.


We recently launched applications for the Techstars IoT Accelerator, located in NYC at Barclays Rise, which brings a focus on the “Industrial Internet” and connecting the infrastructure of business and industry. The accelerator unites IoT industry leaders with a select group of the most innovative emerging startups for a 15 week, mentorship-driven program.

As Editions Month happens, organizers around the world are creating opportunities for participants to attend IoT focused events. Today, we’re highlighting Startup Weekend Denver (USA) and Startup Weekend Florianópolis (Brazil).

What are you most excited about for your upcoming event?

Denver Team: We are extremely excited to put on an amazing event for the participants. We want to provide them with as many resources as possible so they can learn helpful skills, meet great people, build the local startup community, and above all, startup some great companies.

Florianópolis Team: The Startup Weekend Florianópolis Internet of Things will be the very first Startup  Weekend about this theme in Brazil, so we are very excited to make it unforgettable. It will be the opportunity to strengthen entrepreneurship in the region, bring the relationship with the maker community closer and bring more knowledge about Internet of Things. We want to show that everybody can create and connect multiple devices to the internet during the 54 hours event.  We are already sold out and we are working to bring many activities and surprises for the participants.

What makes this Edition interesting?

Denver Team: This Internet of Things edition of Startup Weekend will provide participants with some surprising insights into the coming “Third Wave” of the Internet. We’re excited to see what these entrepreneurs create over this weekend and how they use internet technologies to interact with physical devices.

Florianópolis Team: The Internet of Things is a booming market and promises to move more than $7 trillion USD over the next three years and we will have a fully dedicated edition to develop startups focused in IoT. We will have the presence of highly qualified mentors and judges to help in the development of the ideas and we are sure that it will be a success. Moreover, Florianópolis is consolidating as a global technology hub. Currently, the city has about 600 software companies, hardware and technology services, which generate about five thousand direct jobs. There is no better place to receive the first Startup Weekend IoT in Brazil.

Organizing team members:

Denver Team

Denver's Team 1

Denver's Team 2

Denver's Team 3

Florianópolis Team

Floripa'sTeam 1 Floripa's Team 2

Any extra things making these events special?

Denver Team: Of course, we would like to thank everyone who has helped us in organizing this amazing event. This includes all of the organizers, coaches, speakers, judges, our wonderful sponsors, the amazing Techstars support staff, and especially those who participate in creating new startups at this event. The Startup Weekend Denver | Internet of Things 2.0 event. We can not wait for this event to begin.

Florianópolis Team: We will provide many hardware equipments for the participants like Arduino, 3D printers and others. Also, we will make a real-time coverage of the event on social media channels and live stream through Periscope so that people can watch the pitches. On top of that, we will also have special gifts for all participants.

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