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Health is considered to be one of the largest economy boosters in the world. In the US alone the industry is worth over $3 Million dollars. Universities like Harvard, Northwestern and Duke offer online courses and hackathons that tackle the mix of entrepreneurship and health, and governments are pushing and supporting the entrepreneurs’ creation and innovative solutions.


Health data analysis and transparency, fitness tracking, self-measurement, IoT devices, and more, are some of the developments we’ve seen and that will continue to evolve as the industry shifts and breaks its old-fashioned status.

In an effort to improve the Health industry, the Techstars Healthcare Accelerator, in partnership with Cedars-Sinai, was launched this year and is a collaboration to help today’s technology innovators turn their ideas into breakthroughs that can improve the lives of patients around the world.

On the weekend of May 27th, during Editions Month the organizing team at Tours, France will be hosting Startup Weekend e-Health Edition. Here’s what they think makes this edition special:

What are you most excited about for your upcoming event?

The idea of contributing to fostering innovation in a sector that tends to be very conservative makes us really excited! And seeing Health professionals thrilled by the idea of experimenting the entrepreneurial way of life and of contributing to the future of their industry makes us really happy.

What makes this Edition interesting?

Startup Weekend Tours e-Health edition is the fourth Startup Weekend we are organizing here in Tours. We had been thinking about it for a long time but now it seems that this is a good timing to focus on this Edition for several reasons:

  • The French national dynamic on e-Health is more favorable than ever.
  • The eHealth ecosystem is structuring (particularly around an association called eHealthTech France that brings together more than a hundred of French startups operating in the e-health industry).
  • The launching of a public investment fund for « the future of Medicine” is encouraging.

We hope that the success of French startups like Withings or Doctolib will inspire our participants!

The Team:

Tours Team 1 Tours Team 2

  • Julien Dargaisse who founded InterviewApp, a startup which helps over 1 000 organizations in France and abroad to optimize the performance of their recruitment process through a one-way video interviewing technology. He also created a non-profit organization named Palo Altours, which aims at fostering the innovation community here in Tours.
  • Rodrigo Reyes who founded Orthoscribe, a startup which helps speech-language pathologists to transcribe their sessions reports.
  • Julien Boulanger, a videast and photographer at Bereflex.
  • Marie Cottu who founded Adbok Design, a design studio.
  • Alexis Gandubert, who founded Smartvitale, a startup operating in the health field with his Vitale card (our National Health Insurance card) reader.
  • Rémi Toisier, who work for a regional delegation of the French State in charge of digital transition, GIP Recia.
  • Marie Gassie, co-founder along with Julien Dargaisse of both InterviewApp and Palo Altours!!

We are really delighted to help Techstars grow the Startup Weekend community year after year and get ready because we’ll have a yoga session during the event.

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