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Mercedes Caño, is part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Mexico City. Born in Spain and with a very special accent she shares with us her experience at the Startup Weekend DF – Creative Industries, of which she heard of through Startup Weekend México’s FanPage.

“I made the decision to go, because it was an initiative focused on the Creative Industries, a topic I feel deeply passionate about. During the weekend, I felt great, it was an extraordinary experience and I realized what I could achieve in only 54 hours. I also met people during the event, and made interesting synergies with them. It was very fun.” She says about the Startup Weekend.

When I asked what she liked the most, she answered with a smile and said the environment and the enthusiasm of the people is awesome, and she states the format of the event is very complete.


These are the 5 reasons to attend a Startup Weekend according to her:

  1. It’s not what you expect, and is so much more fun than you imagine.
  2. You discover your abilities in 54 hours.
  3. There’s a challenge to advance and create a product in a limited time.
  4. Meeting new people with whom you have things in common and creating interesting bonds.
  5. Inspiration and the will to learn.

Momentoteca, is the name of the winning project of the Creative Industries Edition, the idea came to Mercedes, from the relationship she wants to build with her niece, who lives in Spain. She wants to be more involved in her education and have the possibility to teach her things she likes whilst potentiating her creativity.

The main objective of the startup is connecting people through a platform that can achieve the humanization of technology, that helps them grow.

She says, “I’d recommend the program (SW) to my friends because I think is interesting to discover all the capacities we have, the experience was very positive.”.

To know more about Startup Weekend go to:  www.startupweekend.org . If you want to participate in other UP Global programs, go to: up.co

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