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See how you impacted the world as part of Global Startup Battle 2015!

In November 2015, the Startup Weekend community came together and rallied to host over 200 events in just two weeks during Global Startup Battle!

That’s a lot of events, but it’s more than just numbers. Because of local Organizers, Facilitators, and Community Leaders, the opportunity to experience entrepreneurship was given to thousands of people. Aspiring entrepreneurs in places like Bejaia (Algeria), Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia), Bratislava (Slovakia), and others had their shot at a Startup Weekend. Innovation took place around the world and countries showcased their startup communities – shout out to Iran for holding the 2nd most events during GSB!

Whether you organized, facilitated, attended, judged, coached, mentored, or moved bottles of water and served pizza as part of GSB, we hope you left with new knowledge, friends, companies, goals, or all of the above. We thank you for being an integral part of our global ecosystem for entrepreneurs.

Now, to the numbers and results!


GSB 2015, infographic


Kacey Wherley Kacey Wherley
(@kaceyraewherley) is Marketing Production Lead at Techstars. Before joining the Techstars team, Kacey was part of the UP Global team and previously with a cybersecurity startup in Pittsburgh. She enjoys all things social media and connecting with entrepreneurs online.