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This article is written by Nick Rojas.

Everyone knows that the first quarter is make-or-break time for startups. Even if you have all the variables plotted out and a rock solid business plan, if you’re not bringing in money, you’ll have to shut down and try again, assuming you still have the resources.

But just because you make it out of the first three months in the black doesn’t mean you’ll have the same success after the first year. Scaling your startup’s growth is something that needs just as much early attention as keeping your doors open and your ledgers full.

Proper scaling involves not stagnating when you’re in a comfortable but unsustainable spot, and it also means not trying to crack the Fortune 500 when the ink is still drying on your business cards. It’s a careful balancing act of expansion and caution, physical presence and mobile development, spending and earning.

The infographic below, provided by SmartTollFreeNumber.com , offers some interesting statistics that should be considered when it comes to appropriately scaling your startup’s growth, especially when it comes to how scaling poorly or not at all could bury your company before it ever had a chance. Check it out, put together a plan for your own business, and help your business reach new, reasonable heights!