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Since the early days of Startup Weekend, we’ve relied on a model that we call “The Entrepreneur’s Journey” as a way of communicating our mission, the experience of the entrepreneur, and where other programs and support come into play. This simple model has become critical in conveying what we do and why we do it. Like every model, it’s not perfect, but like some models, it’s very useful. Beyond talking about Startup Weekend, we’ve used the “EJ” more and more over the years for a much broader conversation.

NOTE: The Entrepreneur’s Journey has been updated to include the whole Techstars family


NOTE: The Entrepreneur’s Journey has been updated to include the whole Techstars family

This year, Marc Nager, CEO and President of UP Global, came together with fellow entrepreneurs and supporters of the global entrepreneurial movement at Google’s “Trailblazer” Summit. At the summit, he gave a talk about The Entrepreneur’s Journey. The video below covers the entire EJ model step-by-step, describes the best ways of using the model, and why we rely on it so much.

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  • blujconcepts

    Really finding this inspirational as I am really starting to focus my attention in creating a startup. It’s taking a lot of focus, resolve, and hard work. But I am enjoying it and with the model along with help from mentors, friends, and family. I hope to make this journey one that is amazing and memorable as I pursue that Champion position!!

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