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Marketing, advertising, hiring staff, everything in business is turning digital and if you can’t keep up you and the team of people behind you will be left in the dark.

Instead of burying your head in the sand, it’s time to start embracing digital more in your business model and as a leader, to open doors you never dreamed of. Here’s how:

A digital strategy for your business is important. Forget newspaper ads or good old-fashioned word of mouth (unless you’re only targeting local business), it’s a good idea to embrace digital for your hiring methods. From uploading job positions online to searching for new managers on specialist sites, such as www.exec-appointments.com, you will find and hire people you might never have discovered before. Social media sites such as LinkedIn also offer a whole new world of potential employees at your fingertips, who you can contact to discuss potential positions.

You should also be using digital to ensure your brand’s name is out there. Trade magazines are still around, but publishing is quickly becoming a lost art, with newspapers and magazines seeing dropping figures in sales and interest. Of course, some people out there still enjoy reading a physical magazine or newspaper but more and more are turning to the Internet to get their news and searching Google to source new products.

Use most of your advertising budget on promoting your company on the Google homepage, updating your Google business directory and paying to have banner adverts placed on leading websites or blogs. Any left over can go into print publications should they be covering an important event you are attending or at a peak time of year.

Hand in hand with advertising, marketing is the less ‘pushy’ version of promoting your brand. As a business leader it’s time to forget sending out generic press releases by email. Content Marketing is the new and improved method that fully embraces digital and allows you to get your company name out there in an article, with a good deal of subtlety i.e. by not reading as an advert.

Content marketing essentially works by placing a click through link to your website, within a post on a leading blog site, which people read because they find interesting, useful or entertaining.

The more interesting the article, the more it is shared online and the more the click through link featuring your website reaches potential customers. There are companies out there who can write great content for you, just to make things even easier. Read about the trend here.

In a sense, everything must be digital, from your communication system to your filing and technology is making it easier and easier. You don’t need to be an IT whizz to set up a Google account and use the apps for work available which include business email, calendar and the Google Drive to store and share files.

You should also consider hiring someone who has experience and know how in this side of things, to manage your business’s journey into the digital world. They can build up your digital brand while you get on with leading the business and team and watch as interest grows and sales increase as your company gets noticed online.

Digital is now a way of life for most of us, as we use our smartphones, tablets and computers to source information on a daily basis, catch up with friends and professional networks and buy goods, so as a business leader you must immerse yourself and the company fully to stay on top.

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Benjamin Campbell