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The launch of the Apple Watch is just around the corner (24th April) but what benefits will the product offer the business community? Below are 5 of the best apps that will help those looking to improve business efficiency.


Evernote is an incredibly popular application used by those in business as a means of organising information and sharing data with co-workers.

The Apple Watch app displays task update notifications and allows users to quickly set reminders for projects and check off completed tasks. Users can also view colleagues’ progress and keep updated on tasks. There is also a function that allows you to sync documents through all devices – so you can pick up where you left off.

The IG Trading App

IG has developed an app, which has been built around its award-winning trading platform.  The application simplifies data and provides quick access to accounts. With the IG app, account notifications go straight to your watch and you can access markets from anywhere – you can open, edit and close positions while on the move.

The app also provides informative updates on upcoming macroeconomic events and allows trading on IG’s full range of markets: forex, shares, indices, commodities, options, bitcoin and more.


Another popular application for small business users is Invoice2go. This application allows users to easily send and receive invoices and keep on top of finances. The app prompts users through geofencing to ‘start tracking time’ when approaching a job location. It also informs users of outstanding payments through charts and graphs and notifies users when a payment has been made.


OfficeTime is a time-tracking tool. With the Apple Watch app, OfficeTime users can walk into meetings and tap a button in the app to start a recording time.

When they’re done, another tap stops the clock.

OfficeTime, provides a breakdown of where you spend your working hours – an essential feature for professionals who charge hourly rates, such as lawyers.


Prompt is an iOS app that’s currently in development, according to wareable.com, and it will eventually have Apple Watch companion software. Both apps are designed to help with live presentations by letting you see what you need to talk about, when and how much time you have left for each topic.

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