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We have recently told you about Proton, the tech savvy and entrepreneur that will be mentoring at Startup Weekend Timisoara 4th edition. His name is Calin Brandabur and he is known in the local community due to his ambitious project for home automation and many other hardware experiments.

Uniqueness has always raised interest. On this special occasion, Calin’s brand new project Symme3D has allowed us to take that trait a little bit further: we have 3D printed trophees for the most challenging projects at #SWTimisoara!

Trophee 3D printed (1)

And that’s not all. We will also exhibit the ‘maker’ at our event!

His various experiments have proven that the promising printer executes unparallelled fast and accurate designs for home use. Moreover, the purpose of the 3D printed products vary from motorcycle components to jewelry. Well, that’s what you call a useful household appliance!

Don’t miss the chance to taste a bit of the Startup Weekend Timisoara experience, get your last minute ticket here:


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