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The startup and investors Crowd will get crazy about this Berry

Fresh and delicate, just like the berries from your mom´s garden. You get to enjoy them. CrowdBerry is a new equity based crowdfunding platform that can connect you with private investors. You will have the opportunity to meet them face to face on one of private CrowdBerry sessions in Bratislava.  Estimate and negotiate their share and receive necessary funding money, know-how and potentially new market access. Anything between 100.000€ and 5 Mio€ is possible, you are approaching few hundreds of investors simultaneously in a structured and effective way.


After a pre-selection process you get the access to the platform where private investors may pledge  their capital to your company in exchange for particular share on your company. Moreover, you might be invited to regular VIP events where you can meet potential investors. All of our investors are clients of a leading Private Banking institution. You can share your pitch on-line, report on your accomplishments and get feedback. And you also receive consultation services from world-class counselors in order to get prepared.


Need some more information? Patrik Horný, Venture Partner and co-founder of CrowdBerry is one of our awesome judges. Meet CrowdBerry at Startup Weekend Košice on April 17-19.

Ladislav Kužma