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Don´t let the Summer time distract you

June is here and theSummer is approaching with the school holidays, vacations, free time and lots of outdoor activities. Temperatures are luring people into the city centers to get some ice cream or cold drinks under the sunshades of street cafes. And the poor startupist is being torn between two strong pulls – the temptation of Summer time and the aspiration to execute their startup.


To get you inspired and working again – remember our Startup Weekend finalists? 54 hours and a good team were all they needed! Here is a short overview of their ideas:

ELI´S – Fresh pet food delivery service.

FreshTeam (SmartMask) – A mask protecting people from breathing polluted air designed especially for markets such as China. It differs by modern design and is based on better filtration than the current respirators on the market.

Lift Me Fast – A smart elevator solution. The startup brings mobile app for saving time when using the lift as well as offers functionalities that give them a competitive advantage.

Passbox – Convert all your plastic loyalty cards to Passbook electronic cards.

SuperTricks.TV – Video blog to present cool outdoor activities which can do parents with kids. Portal to share content from users and sell products.

TerraMercata – Displaying shop customers visually on the map, for better info about them.

TrueStreamer – WebRTC-based media streaming platform for fast streaming without using plug-ins.New technology competing with providers such as Adobe Media Server, Wowza and many others in the field of providing online content.

Webding – Website helping organize weddings by compiling information in one place.


Our Winners!!

We still didn´t mention the best of the best, our winners. Three places were granted, each awarded with special prizes. All three teams were granted vouchers for web hosting services from our platinum partner Websupport and for online marketing services from another platinum partner Promiseo. First team also won a 6-month stay at the startup center Eastcubator and vouchers for consultation services with IT developers and consultation services with Project Managers from gold partner Fpt Slovakia. The second place was granted a 6-month stay at the Startup Center of the Technical University of Košice. After the weekend they all could make a good use of the natural products provided by EZO or the vouchers from the online book store Martinus. Hopefully they also found useful our welcome packages which were given to all attendees. They included different presents such as eco-friendly cups provided by MIZU and LocalB, books and publications from Creative Industry, KPMG and ZMPS, and many other small presents.

One of the teams also made a very strong impression on our platinum partner KPK – reklama. Coincidentally it was the winner of the third place, who was additionally granted supporting services worth of 10,000€ by the KPK- reklama company.

Now what did these teams do to get so much attention? This is a short description of top 3 startups.

TaskyFlock 1st place

“Challenge your days.” This is the basic idea of this project. Ordinary people get engaged in new exciting activities by fulfilling short tasks given by strangers, or giving tasks by themselves. They connect, interact and have fun. Thanks to the project they experience new activities, traditions and culture and most importantly – change their days for the better.

Emomime 2nd place

Emomimeis a 3D virtual character – avatar, who will replace the manikins and other uninteresting shop windows of retail chains. Kinect will detect passing people and recognize their gender, emotions, age, clothes and based on this profile choose behavior that will attract the people into the store.

AdRocket 3rd place

Small enterprises can start intensive communication towards their customers in a professional manner – build the brand and awareness of the values provided. AdRocket is about applications and other environments for creating advertising campaigns.


Now Sir / Ma´am – get your ass up!

So, Ladies and Gentlemen. We are not saying you have to stay at home in front of your computers. Go out, explore the world, look for problems or gaps your future startup could be solving. But work on it, think about it, create.

Meanwhile we will contact your attendees to find out how they are doing.So stay tuned in and check back later to hear about their stories.

Ladislav Kužma