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And it’s a wrap up! During the weekend of March 2-4, 2018, Startup Weekend Cluj has reached the 7th edition. The energy and enthusiasm shared in the last 3 days by young entrepreneurs and innovators, was truly inspiring.

From 87 participants that have joined us, 26 have pitched their ideas and, after the voting process, 11 ideas were selected to the next stage. Meet them all below (in no particular order).

NeedIN’Mars – a mechanism for data aggregation, which will be used to generate a set of needs for living on Mars. The B2C component is a mobile app game, that aims to help people prepare for their journey.

Team: Simina Dinca, Mihai Costiug, Andrea Aczel, Valentin Geanta; team lead: Adrian Bona.

Reshare – a platform for tech companies to collaborate with content creators and influencers in order to generate entire marketing campaigns. It will help measure feedback & ROI..

Team: Cosmin Pruteanu, Christian Lang, Roxana Eftene, Sonia Baglio, Elisabetta Trovato; team lead: Victor Motogna.

Muffi – an educational app for kids and their parents, with quality interactive content, that has the purpose to teach children about different topics, through games and other .

Team: Paul Buciuman, Marius Ardelean, Andrei Vasilescu, Cosmin Harangus, Alexandra Pop, Teodora Ciont, Darius Cupse; team lead: Silvia Sanda Oprea.

Engage – have teambuildings everyday through a mobile application. Employees receive diverse challenges from fitness to cooking, in order to increase their engagement towards the work environment.

Team: Andrei Rat, Calin Tamas, Daniel Irimie, Farcas Bianca, Despina Maria Donca, Robert Miklas; team lead: Paul Chirila.

True Self – a “guided thought diary” mobile app that helps students who are about to finish university find a fulfilling career and create meaningful personal and professional relationships by supporting them to discover their true self through difficult questions, created by professional therapists.

Team: Diana Boca, Andreea Popa, Valentin Radulescu, Marius Ilie, Ludovica Bella Monica, Paolo Piana; team lead: Madalin Craciun.

Biop A.I. – an AI based automated cancer identification software.

Team: Hao Wang, Mihaela Raulea, Elimelec Burghelea, Cristina Vadana; team lead: Benyamin Matei-Dediu.

PlayTime – a platform that connects early & middle aged artists with event organizers, promoters and talent scouters, in order to generate gigs & other types of collaborations.

Team: Marius Cocis, Horia Gruita, Sebastian Muresan, Sorin Tufa, Claudiu Ignat; team lead: Cristian-Daniel Rusu.

People like me – helps cancer patients’ families find shelter near the hospitals and offers them opportunities to get away (for a little period at least) from their problems.

Team: Florin Ionita, Cristina Poputea, Adela Morosan, Stefania Isaila, Andreea Porumb; team lead: Alex Pausan.

Haystack – a matchmaking platform that connects lost pets with their owners.

Team: Sergiu Marcus, Alexandru Bodea, ; team lead: Anca Ungureanu.

Out Kat – a platform to discover crazy and interesting activities do to in the free time, nearby. Random, one at a time suggestions, with the possibility to rate & review each one.

Team: Ovidiu Stupariu, Adam Kiss, Ciprian Anton, Nicu Timofte; team lead: Tudor Stupariu.

Virtual Spaces – an aggregator for event locations, aimed at event organizers, which will offer virtually guided tours and have

Team: Demirel Ali, Monica Zara, Alex Balas, Cosmin Morarescu, Alexandru Comaniciu, Iulian Iancu; team lead: Alexandru Molnar.

The Winners of Startup Weekend Cluj 2018 are:

1st place: Engage

2nd place: Out Kat

3rd place: BIOP-AI

Some very special people have joined this edition as mentors. Our teams have learned from Sebastian Campos Groth – Program Manager @ Techstars, Bogdan Iordache – Partner @ Gecad Ventures, Mihai Rotaru – Founder & CEO @ Clever Taxi, Gabriel Dombri – CEO @ Tapptitude, Agata Kukwa – Communications Director @ Saule Technologies, Cristian Dascalu – Partner @ GapMinder.VC, David Trayford – CEO @ Wow Media, Rumen Iliev – Partner @ Launch Hub, Botond Székely – CEO @ Halcyon Mobile, Vlad Gliga – CEO @ Rubik Hub, Lidia Betoaea – Program Manager @ Rubik Hub and Florin Muresan, CEO @ Squirly. The event was facilitated by the amazing Tetiana Siianko.

This year’s edition is possible with the support of our sponsors: Telenav, Halcyon Mobile, Life Is Hard and partners: Clever Taxi, Hosterion, Cluj Hub, Cluj Cowork, Techsylvania, Creative Tim, Cluj Startups, Fresh Blood, Aries Transilvania & Daisler Print House, whom we are extremely grateful to.

The #swcluj2018 organizing team was: Andrada Todea, Alexandra Peculea, Andreia Zota, Larisa Bejan, Adriana Pieptea, Alex Selejan, Feri Salamon, Alex Burciu, Mircea Vadan, Titus Ardelean, Onisim Gabrian, Adrian Pica. Cristina Juc.

Thank you & see you next year!

Cristina Juc Cristina Juc