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Imagine this scenario. You have nowhere to sleep tonight, you don’t know anyone who shares your interests, the people around you don’t know how to cooperate, you have no outlet for creative expression and to make matters even worse, you don’t even know where your phone is. The situation is so difficult for you that you can’t even keep track of your own emotions.

You begin to work your way up through your problems based (roughly) on the Hierarchy of Needs. Your most pressing need is to have somewhere to sleep tonight, but how can you achieve this when you don’t even know where your phone is? Fortunately, you don’t even need a phone to be able to…

Seek Shelter

Team ‘Seek Shelter’

When a shelter receives a request from a person in need of a bed, currently if all their beds are taken the only way for them to find an alternative place for the person to sleep is to ring around other known shelters and hope for the best. Seek Shelter has the solution of a central database of available beds so that when a shelter is forced to turn someone away, it will be easier for them to find them a bed at a nearby location. Crucially, good samaritans would be able to register their own sleeping locations, allowing shelters to direct people to quarters that they would not otherwise have known about.

Seek Shelter
The base of our Pyramid of Needs

Having found a place to sleep for the night, you begin to worry about the next tool in your kit of survival – the ubiquitous but powerful Mobile Phone. You turn to the person who has just helped find your shelter and you exclaim…

Dude! Where’s My Phone?

Team ‘Dude! Where’s My Phone?’

While there are a number of alternatives currently available for this problem, this one has a price advantage and is voice activated, rather than relying on another device – even if you have a spare device on hand and it happens to be charged and have good reception, it can tell you that your phone is near the couch but not that it’s under the third cushion. It works by responding to a unique password of your choosing, such as ‘blue cat’, and making a noise to alert you to its whereabouts.


Having located your phone and thus resolved your most pressing of needs, you don’t feel entirely secure yet the family you have formed around you so far have learned through their experiences with gaming to use strategy and communication as competitive rather than cooperative tools, and have trouble working together to ascend beyond this level of the pyramid. Using your recently found mobile phone, you place an order for…

Nobody Left Behind

Team ‘Nobody Left Behind’

Board games are great for bringing families together, but with only a few exceptions, they focus on competing against each other to win the game individually rather than cooperating with each other to win the game collectively. Nobody Left Behind is a game set on an island where the players must escape from an erupting volcano, working together to solve problems and overcome obstacles. The concept of a family friendly cooperative game has shown to be in demand with parents who want to lure children away from their consoles and teach them cooperative social skills, and can be expanded into digital games and other scenarios such as a Space Adventure.


You’re beginning to feel more secure about your continued survival. It’s about now that you begin to be yearn for the company of people who share similar interests to you. You take out your mobile phone again and begin to search for people…

A Bit Like Me

Team ‘A Bit Like Me’

Have you ever been to a large meetup and left without speaking to a single person? Events such as meetups can be useful for bringing people together over a common interest, but it’s possible to feel even more alone when you’re surrounded by people and don’t know how to connect to any of them. A Bit Like Me solves this problem by connecting you to specific people in your location who have specific interests that can be tailored and filtered to your liking. Wouldn’t it be a great ice breaker to know that the person sitting next to you is also a big fan of Magnum P.I.?


Now that you have Friends, your life is beginning to look a bit more like a sitcom ideal. But are you able to see how improved your mental status is now compared with how you were feeling earlier in the day? You may not even be aware that you have…


Team ‘Resilience’

One quarter of people suffer from some form of depression, and a useful tool for combating it is through self-awareness and being able to reflect on your emotional status. Not everyone keeps a diary or remembers to fill them in every day, so Resilience is there to remind you to pay attention to yourself every day and take some time to attend to your emotional health. By comparing your current frame of mind with how you were on previous days, you can see trends in your personal wellbeing and get a holistic view of yourself – and if needs be, the service might be able to provide additional support.


Looking at your life from the outside, you seem to have your life pretty sorted at this point in terms of physical and emotional balance. But you want to take the next step from having a merely comfortable life to having a fully satisfying life. So to achieve your creative goals you could always…


Team ‘CollabaMate’

Producers and hip-hop vocalists have a hard time matching together – either the producer will be put out by flaky vocalists, or the vocalist has difficulty getting noticed. This app matches the two together by having vocalists perform to tracks they choose from producers, then uploading and sharing them for the producers to listen to. A system of ratings and feedback lets the producers know which vocalists are reliable and if they truly are a crowd-pleaser. If they don’t want to pay for the full service, vocalists can save their performances for their own reference.


By the end of Startup Weekend Kapiti 2016, our six teams had managed to build up an entire pyramid covering all of the requirements of humanity from basic human needs to self-fulfilment. Here is that pyramid in all its glory:


If you’re interested in learning more about these ideas or want to get in touch with one of the teams, feel free to contact swkapiti@gmail.com. Or if you’re inspired and want to participate in the event next year, make a note in your calendar for July next year!

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