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Entrepreneurial Opportunities in the Beverage Industry

This past Thursday, the Attic Cafe graciously hosted a panel chaired by community leaders in the hospitality and beverage industry who were more than adamant about sharing their ideas as well as discussing current trends affecting their industry. It’s always a great opportunity to hear the challenges facing any business leader in their respective industry for the simple fact that they often provide the best insights and, being entrepreneurs themselves, are often the best people to spot opportunities. With all that in mind, the panel did not disappoint!

Some topics covered during the panel that may surprise many up-and-coming entrepreneurs were:

  • The apparent disconnect between great technology many tech people know of, but not many business leaders do (how can entrepreneurs bridge that gap?)
  • How can we take away the hassle of doing inventory after a long day at the bar/brewery?
  • Streamlining cost-benefit analysis for certain businesses? (i.e is it possible to develop a method/app that informs small breweries what amount to charge per pint/liter/pitcher given a certain batch volume?)

Other ideas floated by the panel were:

  • How to improve employee productivity (especially new hires)
  • How to connect new coffee shops to possible customers more efficiently
  • Can wearable technology be used to draw traffic to retailers and improve productivity (i.e maybe use an apple watch or smart-watch of some kind to remind employees that are busy during peak hours, that a sandwich has been cooking for 10 minutes now and needs to be taken out or risk damage/burning)
  • Last but not least how can wearable technology be used to track caloric intake since some beverage & food entrepreneurs focus and/or receive a good bit of business from the fitness community

While some of the problems may not look like a big deal, Daniel Speed from the Attic put a great perspective on it “the littlest rocks in the road can destroy your tires” and it’s true! As entrepreneurs, we should constantly be challenging the status-quo in the industry while at the same time create efficiency and technological gains that will benefit firms both in the short and long-run.

We can’t wait to see what participants at Startup Weekend will come up with this year! Be sure to become not only a part of the solution but also learn about this up and coming billion-dollar industry by participating at Startup Weekend, we hope to see you there!



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