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With so many aspiring entrepreneurs, designers, and developers signed up for Startup Weekend Space Gdansk, the sheer number of faces can be overwhelming for newcomers and veterans alike.

Instead of wasting those precious first hours getting to know the guest list, attending the our awesome party is a great way to familiarize yourself with attendees and relaxing into the almost 72-hour whirlwind.

This party of Startup Weekend Space Gdansk a will be held at PARTY BUSES, where we’ll visit and look around interesting places in 3city (Gdansk, Sopot, Gdynia). During the trip we’ll be drinking beer, drinks and eat tasty snacks! Cooooooool! 😀

The party starts Saturday at 9 p.m. from GPNT.

What places you will see?

1. Gdansk center: The Granary Island, The Old Town and its beautiful architecture.
2. Gdynia center: Gdynia Harbor.
3. Sopot center: Monte Cassino, Sopot Pier (longest wooden pier in Europe) and the party spot.

Who wants feel free to drop off at Sopot and continue party. If you prefer to get back to work/sleep you can go with us back to gdansk (GPNT).

Hope you all enjoy this time! 🙂

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Adrianna Jasik