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Thank you to all of the volunteers, mentor and judges,Startup Weekend Toronto would not have been possible without you!

A list of mentors and judges is provided below.  If you are on this list, want something edited or deleted, or we have inadvertently missed someone, please let us know and we’ll fix it.  We have tried to include Twitter handles (@name), LinkedIn profiles, and other ways to connect but please do not spam them with unsolicited communications.


All of our participants benefit from your guidance and wise words of advice during the weekend.  Your feedback was incorporated into the final products and pitches.  We hope that you enjoyed mentoring Toronto’s future entrepreneurs.

Jason Pereira, Partner and Financial Consultant at Bennett March, www.linkedin.com/in/pereirajm

Rob Maurin, VP Brand Engagement at Wave, @robmaurin

Jason Moyse, Lawyer, www.linkedin.com/in/jasonmoyse, @jasonmoyse

Andrés Aquino, Partner at TWG, www.linkedin.com/in/andresaquino1, @eh_eh

Jay Vidyarthi, Senior Interaction Designer at InteraXon, www.jayvidyarthi.com, @jayvidyarthi, http://www.linkedin.com/in/jayvidyarthi”

Inbae Ahn, Managing Partner, CIO at Polyform Labs, ca.linkedin.com/in/inbae

Kristina Libby, @kristinalibby, www.linkedin.com/in/kristinalibby/

Rosy Rumpal       Startup Lawyer at DMZ, Fashion Zone & The Lean Lawyer, ca.linkedin.com/in/rosyrumpal

Daryna Kulya, Manager, Digital Innovation Lab at Deloitte, ca.linkedin.com/in/darynakulya/, @darynakulya

Mat Savulescu, Data Storyteller and Founder at Literally, www.literally.ca, www.linkedin.com/in/msavulescu, @LiterallyAgency

Marco Petkovski, Measurement & Analytics Lead at Teehan+Lax, www.linkedin.com/pub/marco-petkovski/23/abb/ab

Katie Hrycak, UX Designer at Wave, @khrycak

Mark Appleby, UX/Front-End Developer  at TWG, @themarkappleby, ca.linkedin.com/in/themarkappleby/

Mike Lovas, Chief Design Officer and Co-Founder of PUSH, trainwithPUSH.com, @mlovas, ca.linkedin.com/in/mlovas/

Robert Tu, Founder, MeU: Open Source Wearable LED Display, theMeU.net, @the_MeU_LED, ca.linkedin.com/in/robert1tu3

John Grant, Senior Mobile Developer at The Working Group, ca.linkedin.com/pub/john-grant/19/263/146/, @grantjk, www.grantjk.com

Dan Langer, Developer Team Lead at Wave, dan@waveapps.com, @dlanger, www.linkedin.com/in/daniellanger

Zak Homuth, Co-Founder & CEO at Upverter, @zakhomuth, zakhomuth.com, www.linkedin.com/in/zakhomuth

Michael Woodworth, Co-founder at Upverter, @mwoodworth33, ca.linkedin.com/in/michaelwoodworth1

Robleh Jama, Tiny Hearts, www.tinyhearts.com, @robjama, www.linkedin.com/in/robjama

Rajen Sanghvi,    COO @Shoplocket  and The BluePrint,  ca.linkedin.com/in/rajensanghvi, @RajenSanghvi, rajensanghvi.com

Bing Lin Senior, Project Manager at AutoDesk, www.linkedin.com/in/binglin

Nick Kuhne, iOS developer, ca.linkedin.com/pub/nick-kuhne/a9/259/597

Sharon Fan, Operations Lead at GestSure, www.gestsure.com, www.linkedin.com/in/sharonfan, @shfantastic

Anna Romanovska, User Experience Designer at Autodesk, ca.linkedin.com/pub/anna-romanovska/16/185/548

Jeremy Bell, Co-founder & CEO at Wattage, @jeremybell, www.linkedin.com/in/jeremybell, www.wattage.io

Jay Lorencz, Director of Client Services at Beyond Marketing Group, ca.linkedin.com/pub/jay-lorencz/2/883/53b, www.beyondmg.com

Mark Goh, Founder and CEO at ChargeSpot, www.linkedin.com/in/gohmark, @charge_spot

Mauricio Meza, Business Development at Komodo OpenLab , @sqr_m, ca.linkedin.com/in/mezamauricio/

Heather Tay, Interim Executive Director at Imagination Catalyst, OCAD, www.linkedin.com/in/heathertay, @hdatay

Calvin Chu, Founder at Palette, www.palettegear.com, @palettegear, @cchurun, ca.linkedin.com/in/calvinjchu

Shannon Fox, Co-Founder at Canopy.co, @shanndfox, ca.linkedin.com/in/shannondfox

Daniel Kaplan, Co-Founder, Canopy.co,  @okaykap, ca.linkedin.com/pub/daniel-kaplan/3b/38/953, danielkaplan.co


We were honoured to have such an experienced group of Internet of Things builders, entrepreneurs and investors.  Thanks for gracefully choosing the winners, which was really difficult given the talented teams who presented.

Natasha Baker, Founder at SnapEDA, @NatashaABaker, @Snap_EDA, www.snapeda.com, linkedin.com/in/natashaabaker

Matthew Leibowitz, Parter at Plazacorp   , @m_leibowitz, ca.linkedin.com/in/matthewleibowitz/

Karl Martin, CEO at Bionym, @KarlTheMartian, ca.linkedin.com/in/karlmartin0

Ian Collins, Founder and CEO at CrowdCare, @Wyrex95, ca.linkedin.com/in/wyrex

Alison Gibbins