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Marko Mudrinić is editor in chief of Netokracija Serbia. He joined the team in 2012; soon he was emphasized as one of the leading IT journalists in Serbia, covering topics about internet entrepreneurship, new technologies, and digital trends. Passionate for new media and publishing in the 21st century, Marko reports from Belgrade, and when he has a free time he works as a mentor for all startups who wants to learn more about the media presence and public relations.


SW: Can you tell us why you have decided to attend the Faculty of Culture and Media at the “Megatrend” University, and why journalism?

MM: After finishing high school in the USA, colleges in Serbia didn’t want to recognize my diploma from the USA. That is why I decided that I will go to a private university, which is perhaps one of my best decisions when it comes to education. I am not saying that because of the quality of education, but because of the opportunity that I had – to work during my studies, and not to spend my time learning books from cover to cover.
Love for the written word actually emerged during my education in America. I was working on a school magazine with a few of my colleagues there. I fell in love with the media back then, and I knew that the this is the industry where I see myself in future.

SW: Why did you decide to be a journalist who covers the IT sector?

MM: Because today technology is something that is changing every aspect of our lives. There are a lot of untold stories related with IT that will significantly affect our everyday life. I want to be the one who will write about them. That and the fact that I’m not good enough to be a sports journalist are the main reasons why I decided to be an IT journalist ☺

SW: Can you tell us how you became editor in chief of Netokracija Srbija?

MM: During my studies I began to look for a practice. Soon I ended up being a correspondent from Belgrade of the Croatian IT portal. Time passed, and the audience reacted quite excellent to my work. After a while, my boss suggested that it’s time to start local, Serbian edition. I agreed. At the end of 2014, we formed a team, and since the beginning of 2015, we are working on a separate edition – Netokracija Srbija.

SW: How hard was your path from one ordinary student to one of the most influential IT journalists in Serbia?

MM: It happened overnight, but after three years of very hard work, tears, blood, and sweat. Literally! I know it sounds like a cliche but when you set your goals, you will achieve them. Maybe not exactly at the time when you want it, but you will sure arrive at the destination.

SW:  This year you will be a member of the jury at the “StartUp Weekend” in Novi Sad, tell us what do you think about this event. Would you sign up for participation if you wouldn’t have your current job and if you would have the business idea?

MM: SWNS, like many other startup competitions, is an excellent opportunity for young entrepreneurs and those who want to experience how it look’s like to be one – even for 54 hours. Such events are great because they promote a positive, healthy and normal things. There should be more stories like this one in the region. I will certainly sign up for the competition as soon as I get my million dollar idea☺

SW: What would be your message to young people in Serbia who want to start their own business, who have ideas but also have a big fear of failure?

MM: Failure is unavoidable, and the best way to overcome it is to work and put all your efforts in it. You will learn a lot of things from a failure, and you don’t need to be afraid of it. Starting your own business, working on your idea maybe sound like a crazy thing to do from the current perspective, but а lot of people had succeeded, and that number is increasing every day. The key is to work and be persistent. For such people there is no fear.

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