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Dan is a full stack developer and the 1st employee at SidePrize (https://www.sideprize.com). His specialities include Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Ember, Postgres, and of course HTML/CSS.  

Previously, he worked for Enova where he revamped a monolithic code base into a SOA, created and led a Culture Guild, and worked to Open Source a bunch of the companies technology.

He was also the 1st employee at G2 Crowd (https://www.g2crowd.com/) where he helped build the trademarked G2 Crowd Grid, a dashboard of realtime company metrics, and was the lead developer for the companies SEO strategy .

Dan attended the University of Wisconsin where he studied Economics/Communications and was the founder and President of the DECA Business Club. He came to be a developer via a coding school in Chicago, the Starter League.  He also has participated in a Startup Weekend in Chicago, and participated in the StartupBus (http://startupbus.com/)

You’ll be able to see Dan in person in the upcoming weekend, 16th – 18th October, only at Startup Weekend Georgetown 2015. Come join the amazing workshop with us!

Yin Wai Wan