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Andrada Olteanu

Andrada is the communication mastermind, always ready to help you and give you creative ideas. She was a proud (exchange) student of Østfold University College and she participated in her first Startup Weekend program in Stockholm, participating in the creation process of an amazing shooter game.
In the last few years, she volunteered in more than 3 associations and she currently works as a marketing specialist for RQM Certification considering herself the jack of all trades in the company.

Andrei Munteanu

Andrei is #allOverThePlace and everyone knows that. If there’s a cool tech event in Timisoara and you don’t see Andrei, something bad must have happened and somebody should call him immediately. He is the one who coordinates this year’s edition of Startup Weekend Timisoara.
Energetic and ambitious, he is the co-founder and event wizard at Cowork Timisoara, the perfect space for startups and freelancers in Timisoara. Also, he is a global startup weekend facilitator for more than 2 years now.

Dragos Damian

Meet our colleague and friend Dragos, an energetic young man ready to come with the craziest ideas. He is the one who adds the funny stuff in the process.
This creative guy is the master of web technologies, currently working as a front-end developer for a big IT company: NTT Data. In his spare time, he is a CoderDojo mentor, helping kids learn how to code, make websites and, most important, have fun in the process

Madalina Soit

Mada is our logistics lady, ready to make a spreadsheet with new things we have to do or buy.
She is preoccupied about the environment, volunteering for a cause named “Borcanul cu ulei” and, of course, for startup weekend programs. Currently working as a Marketing specialist at VI, dreams of starting her own startup soon.

Alex Bordea

Alex is the man who cold-called and wrote emails to everyone in order to find the perfect partners. He managed to do this successfully and we couldn’t be more proud of our partners.
He is the founder of Digital Mushroom, a marketing and advertising company in Timisoara, where he (and his team) finds solutions for any aspect related to your business image.

Gabriel Minca

Meet Gabi, the down to earth person from the group. He is the mastermind behind our sidekick facebook bot, Wilson. If you didn’t meet our virtual colleague yet, check this out. Gabi is working as an escalation engineer for Toluna, a marketing / IT company. He found out about the Startup Weekend program from college and instantly became obsessed with it. In his spare time, he likes to learn about mobile technologies, especially Android.

Bogdana Zadic

Bogdana is our networking girl. She is the one who always knows a person in every company from Timisoara. Currently, she is a software developer for NTT Data, passionate about books, good movies and travel. Working with her, you’ll be surprised how ridiculously efficient she is and we are glad to have her (and her pug) on our side. And she writes amazing articles 🙂

If you want to meet them and be amazed of this awesome event they created, get your ticket from here. Don’t forget that the early bird tickets will be available only until 24.05 so hurry up!

Gabriel Minca Gabriel Minca